Personal learning pathways for professional development

Convert your participation in conferences, site visits or the challenge into personal learning pathways by upgrading these programmes to Silver or Gold levels, offering learning support and accreditation from Ulster University Business School.

New pathways for independent learning

These new dedicated learning pathways, support members who are already engaging in conferences, site visits or other best practice programmes and training workshops during the year.

  • These events are no longer standalone activities; they become full professional development programmes, providing remarkable value for money and give a taste of the benefits from academic learning
  • By upgrading these programmes, participants gain fully supported learning and accreditation, giving you confidence in making the most of these opportunities for professional development

Supported learning (silver upgrade)

  • Mentoring groups offer networking/external perspectives and support from specialist experts
  • Induction support helps students develop specific learning goals & outcomes to meet their needs
  • Focussed online resources (eg video and digital downloads) can be linked to these learning outcomes and provide access to best practice & benchmarking materials
  • Online collaboration means students need never be on their own. This includes skype-style group meetings, online discussion groups and individual conversations, buddying or mentoring support
  • Advice or support is available for students with particular individual needs or challenges

University Accreditation (gold upgrade)

  • Accredited by Ulster University Business School, through the project, benchmarking or independent learning modules in the BSc programme.
  • Students create reports, presentations and propose application of new ideas in their workplace
  • Blending the best of academic and business worlds
  • This includes work that needs to be undertaken in their own time or in ring-fenced study time
  • Extra support includes group tutorials at the start and end of these learning journeys
  • Assessment links directly to the learning outcomes, the central aspects of what is learnt, and emphasises the development of deep, active reflective learning and the transfer of skills.

Personal development through teamwork projects

  • Team projects provide a great context for professional development. For example, we encourage those taking part in the Standards Benchmarking or Challenge programme to see these as opportunities for personal learning and development as well
  • While university accreditation applies to individuals, these new pathways make it possible for students working on a team project, such as the challenge, to gain accreditation personally

Learning opportunities that blend the best of academic and business worlds
Experience from students on our university partnership programmes demonstrates that:

  • There is a tangible change in mindset & behaviour when training has academic depth and challenge
  • University qualifications and credit points carry a high motivational value and deepen personal commitment, more than outweighing some additional costs
  • Mentoring and peer review offer the benefits of experience from other organisations & sectors
  • Programme outputs include: reports, presentations, critical analysis and development plans

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