Return on Investment

Through years of experience of the tutors, members and delegates of The Forum, it has become apparent that the benefits of having a highly skilled and motivated planning function can drive and support the delivery of significant operational benefits.

The cost example of this table is for a imaginary contact centre of 500 FTE. The average fully loaded costs of a full time advisor equates to £20,000 working 37.5 hours per week. The centre has an average length of service of 24 months with a 4 week induction programme and recruitment costs of £1,500 per advisor.



Benefit (SAVING)

Adherence 1 minute per day
1% improvement
Shrinkage (absence etc) 1% improvement £100,000
Attrition Adding 1 month to the agent life cycle
Adding 6 month to the agent life cycle
Schedule fit 1% improvement £100,000

Other measures to consider

Sales environments

If you are a sales environment, you can utilise this information to determine the loss of sales per FTE / Conversion rate etc.  

Forecasting / Budget management

Stronger forecasting will support a more robust budgeting setting and monitoring process, ensuring the correct numbers of FTE required is identified and controlled.  

Service Level consistency

Delivering service level more consistently throughout the day and across the week can be achieved to the benefit of the customer, colleague and the company. 

Employee satisfaction

Engaged and considered employees, who understand the principles of call centre dynamics, and share the delivery of customer service become customer champions and not just employees. 

Customer satisfaction

Consistent service from speed of access, to contact with advisors with the right skills at the right place and the right time, delivers advocates of your organisation.  

For Example:

A good project or plan could easily cover the following targets:

  • Improve schedule adherence by 2% (done through real time management)
  • Reduce shrinkage by 5% (done through effective reporting and planning)
  • Improve schedule fit by 2% (done through better schedules)
  • Increased advisor life cycle by 3 months (done through balanced workloads and good work-life balance)
  • Better SLA’s (understanding of demand profile drives resourcing)
  • Improved Sales (better allocation of training, and identification of sales profile)

This project alone would deliver savings of £1,000,000 per year in our example. A lot of our students have done aspects of each of these improvements.




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