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Who should attend?


This workshop is for anybody in any role who works with significant levels of data and are looking for various techniques to help the numbers “come to life”. The course requires a good knowledge of EXCEL and some previous practical experience in the analyst role.



What will we do?
Building on the forum's well established training methods and vast experience, this new workshop provides a insight into a number of different analytical tools that are used when manipulating data to identify triggers and trends. It is not expected that students will take away ALL the differing techniques discussed during the workshop, it is about learning what is available and building on one or two that fit into your role, data and operation; to provide real value and insight into the numbers you work with every day. Techniques will include:-


  • Regression Analysis
  • Bell Curve Analysis
  • Control Graphs
  • Box Plots
  • Bridges Graphs

You have the option to bring with you examples of data that you have already analysed in the past and utilise this during the exercises during the workshop. This will help some picture a quick return on investment from employers in this fantastic piece of specialist development in your skills.

This workshop also provides an ideal continuation to the development achieved from the Management Information & Performance Analysis specialist course.


Summary of benefits
By applying the learning, you will be better able to:-


  • Develop the role and contribution of the analysis team
  • Review how you report and communicate information to help others focus on their key issues and goals
  • Add real value to your operation by providing a new level of confidence through intelligent analysis
  • Feel confident in the actions and solutions you propose

More about the course
This Professional Planning Forum workshop comes with a work booklet which includes a structure of personal objective setting, real life examples and insight into how each of the methods can be applied in working environments. The workshop also includes individual and group exercises, tutor supported PC model development in Microsoft Excel, and group discussions, culminating in specific individual action plans designed to deliver tangible benefits when back to your work environment.

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Further details of what you will learn and what you will take away from each session are detailed below:


What you will learn

What you will take away

Day 1 am
  • Understanding Analysis
  • “Being able to articulate the number”
  • Creating and utilising models to support and maintain your analysis
  • Bridge Graphs
  • Understanding the difference between creating numbers and analysing them
  •  “Analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it”
  • Analysis provides answers to support suggestions
  • Looking at What Bridge Graphs are, how they are utilised and created
Day 1 pm
  • Control Graphs
  • Control Chart Theory, types and insight
  • How to Use a Control Chart
  • Control Chart Examples in Excel
  • Exercises
Day 2 am
  • Regression Analysis
  • Box Plots
  • What is Regression Analysis, How is it utilised, What is Best Practise? Examples
  • How do Box Plots Work, Examples of Practical applications,Examples
Day 2 pm
  • Bell Curve Analysis
  • Action planning and next steps
  • Differing uses of Bell Curve Graphs
  • How The analysis can focus attention and energy
  • Exercises and Examples


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