Why invest in training?

Steve Woosey shows how skills assessment drives bottom line improvements 

With 1% improvement in adherence or schedule- fit worth £100,000 on a 500-seat centre, the impact of planners warrants serious investment. 

Yet at a Customer Strategy & Leadership Forum meeting, senior planning managers identified that a significant challenge in driving improvement is the (in)ability to measure analysts' performance and benchmark skills and capabilities. 

Why is this? In the past, there has been no defined framework to measure the specialist capability of planners, unlike agents and team leaders in most centres where formal performance management and coaching frameworks are often well developed. 

Results demonstrate that developing planning skills drives improvement. A graduate from a recent Advanced Certificate in Customer Contact Planning & Manangement saved £80,000 in FTE within 6 weeks of returning from the first part of the £3,000 programme. And in another centre that we've worked with, every minute of adherence was worth £175,000.

With results like this you might think everyone would be identifying their training and development needs. Not so! In fact many organisations are missing out because call centres are busy places and there is no time to discuss and agree competency levels internally for the specific analytical and planning skills that drive success.

Fear not! That's where the industry-standard framework for planners and analysts can save you time and help you drive performance improvement. With the help of members, the Forum has already established a standard planning skills framework.

An easy-to-use online portal allows you to measure against 55 competencies and sets out expected levels for roles such as Forecaster, Scheduler, General Planner and Planning Manager. You can use this to identify training or development needs within the team and to define the skills you need to progress your careers.

The updated version is now available and is free for members to use. Logins are restricted in accordance with the number of nominated members you have.  

Further, advanced facilities in the skills portal allow you to build your own job roles into the system and link it into your internal processes for job design, performance management, training and recruitment - putting planners and analysts alongside best practice for other roles in the contact centre. This process is launched with an in-house workshop and provided by an annual license. 

Just contact 0333 123 5960 or email advice@theforum.social for further information and to discuss what is best for you.

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