Standards & Challenge Support

Focussed support to address your challenges

Specialist workshops 

All of our training workshops can be tailored and run onsite to meet your exact needs. Our courses cover a wide range of specialist topics. They are interactive and practical, using material derived from real-life experience. We offer support from expert tutors and the chance to gain from sharing experience with others. Further details can be found in the Specialist Skills section of our website.

Management workshops

Research has shown that understanding and buy-in from front-line and senior managers is the essential foundation for effective resourcing. Our management workshops are tailored to your needs and targeted at three different groups within the organisation. 

Best Practice Challenge Support

We can help you fast track the implementation of your learning from your challenge programme. We will work with you to create bespoke content that will allow you to bridge the gap and help you to make immediate improvements to your organisation as identified during the challenge.

Standards Support: on-site support from experienced professionals

Where requested, support by trusted, independent associates can help you undertake the self-assessment work in benchmarking, for example where you don’t have sufficient time or experienced resource available.

  • With extensive understanding and experience of both the framework and the function, in other organisations, the associate prepares evidence related to each capability in the standards framework.
  • The associate will review your processes, systems, reports, performance and other data – and undertakefocus groups or individual interviews with an appropriate sample of team members and stakeholders.

In a similar way, tailored support can be provided to resource the roadmap for improvement in order to:

  • Fast-track the areas identified in the roadmap, with dedicated onsite specialist support.
  • Prepare the evidence of what has changed, prior to the next annual review and self-assessment.
Professional Services and Consultancy

Sometimes a more focussed period of external assistance is needed to jump-start changes and support the skills-transfer that builds up your capability in resource planning, analysis, quality and customer insights and experience. Use our knowledge and exposure to best practice across multiple centres to help you drive improvements. Our services include Discovery Audit, Project Support, Interim Resource, Capability Benchmarking, Interview Support and Model Building. Find out more on the consultancy section of our website.

To  book just complete the online booking form, contact 0333 123 5960 or email for further information and to discuss what is best for you.

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