Benefits of Accredited Training

This programme recognises the glaring omission that there is no accredited development for analysts and team leaders in contact centres.  Unlike finance, HR & IT professionals this leaves team leaders, planners, analysts feeling that their value is not seen by the company and often that their role is a stepping stone to a ‘proper’ career.  This needs to change as without these people staying in position and treating it as a long term position the ongoing change and attrition can harm the operational results of the contact centre.

The students’ knowledge and/or ability need to be tested against an agreed benchmark or standard in order to get the recognition of accreditation. This process of testing is known as assessment and is carried out by an external assessor (The Professional Planning Forum) and validated by the University of Ulster. Once the standards have been met, formal recognition is given by the awarding body (University of Ulster) that may provide the student with a qualification to prove their achievement. 

This paper aims to explore the structured approach to developing this accredited programme for students by introducing: 

  • A model of good practice for the customer contact industry 
  • How to plan effectively for the customer contact environment
  • Different types of operating options for the benefits of our colleagues, customer and company
  • A range of approaches to learning and development

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