Leadership and Building Teams

People are undoubtedly the key component in most service delivery solutions. Having a system of management that develops the right blend of skills, knowledge, understanding and behaviours, and deploying them effectively is critical. Maintaining levels and standards of performance at all times is vital, so leadership and accountability have to exist at all levels, whilst the use of motivation needs to be fully understood.


The aims of the module are to develop appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to manage the performance of people through an effective structure. This organisation structure has to recognise and address the multi disciplines that are needed to maintain quality performance. Service quality delivery is often a widely dispersed function and it is therefore important that leadership and accountability exist at all levels at every location. The module will develop the individual’s ability to identify and analyse the skills base required from people at all levels and specify those needs to the personnel resource.  The module also aims to build the skills to design and implement effective long and short term people performance improvement programmes.



Evaluate and assess the key skill components necessary for effective service quality delivery             


Demonstrate understanding of the differences between leadership and management.


Research and recommend appropriate methods to assess leadership skills at all levels


Demonstrate how to plan and execute motivation and performance improvement programmes.



Evaluate individual/team/department performance in terms of their strengths and weaknesses and identify development needs


Analyse the core behaviour styles of both customers and staff and debate where the best relationship management fit is likely to be


Critically review and evaluate the leadership role and its impact in supporting and motivating the needs of others


Evaluate the contribution of leadership to overall organisational effectiveness and organisational performance.



Conduct an appraisal of an organisation’s leadership performance using appropriate models, instruments and techniques and make substantiated recommendations for improvement.


Utilise a range of different leadership styles and select/apply these to different situations and people.


Reflect on a range of leadership qualities


Plan, design and organise a performance improvement programme for individuals and teams which addresses the key performance barriers



Communication skills: utilise an appropriate range of formats to communicate complex ideas and arguments effectively


Analytical skills: Apply theoretical modelling to practical day to day management


IT skills: Word processing, use of ICT for communication



Multi-level leadership.

  • Definitions of Leadership
  • The importance of Leadership development and key trends
  • Characteristics and key leadership competencies
  • Identifying leadership culture and capabilities

Understanding key leadership theories and models

  • Management versus Leadership (roles and responsibilities)
  • Review key and current  theories, models and styles of leadership

Leading and motivating customer service teams

  • Management style, preferences and emphasis in service quality management
  • Encouraging positive customer service attitudes
  • Identifying and strengthening weaknesses in the team
  • Using coaching and mentoring for service improvement
  • Designing and developing strategic and tactical performance improvement programmes. Balancing the key components: Communication – Education - Motivation
  • Understanding the appropriate purpose and applications of incentives and recognition
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