Advanced Planning Techniques - Forecasting & Scheduling

This course can be taken standalone, delivered inhouse or form part of an Advanced Diploma in Customer Contact Planning and Management which in turn can be taken as part of the wider BSc programme. 

Resource Planning has ‘come of age’ in many organisations and is no longer thought of as a skill solely for dealing with the randomness of inbound calls.  Organisations are seeing the opportunity to replicate the efficiency improvements, gained by maximising forecast accuracy and scheduling efficiency in particular, in other aspects of the contact centre and of the wider organisation. 


To enable students to develop an understanding of how customer contact resourcing skills can be adapted and applied to the wider organisation. This will involve gaining an understanding of workload / customer demand, review of applicable legislation in the other areas, development of appropriate resourcing models as well as communication of new staffing models and principles.  Students will be encouraged to compare and contrast planning principles in the different areas of the business to understand impact of the ideas generated by the module.



Identify main customer contact channels within the organisation, their inter relationship, and the impact each is having on business processes


Review and analyse planning frameworks with respect to own company and identify improvement opportunities


Identify roles and responsibilities within the operational planning model for the company and where inter dependencies exist


Identify and understand various technology with respect to planning frameworks and the benefit of each system to organisation




Review and contextualise the functionality of planning models and technology systems with respect to data sources and business processes


Use industry case study and articles to identify potential methodologies for implementing business improvement


Understand the importance of networking and continuous industry learning in an evolving business environment




Apply industry frameworks to the organisational culture and structure


Collate relevant data to validate and build planning models


Critically evaluate success / failure of own initiatives and refine models / plans accordingly



Present technical concepts to an uninformed audience


Developing plans for business improvement


Effective use of various business technology solutions



Customer Contact Channels

  • Identifying how customers currently and potentially in the future use different channels to contact organisation
  • The future of customer contact, especially the impact of Social Media channels
  • Suitability and challenges surrounding channel blending as a means to resolve customer contact instances

Operational Planning Model

  • Interdependencies of forecasting, scheduling, real time monitoring and reporting with respect to customer contact
  • Effects of scalability on organisations
  • Technology challenges surrounding different response methodologies (blended or ring fenced teams)
  • Impact of different service level targets by customer contact channel

Planning Frameworks

  • Review and analyse standard industry frameworks for customer contact handling and assess how they apply within own environment
  • Understand what works best for different organisations and why
  • Self assessment of own organisation against framework

Planning Models

  • Effectiveness of industry technology for planning for various customer contact channels
  • Review of industry standard methodology for calculating staff requirements per channel type
  • Building models with Spreadsheets – stages of development, tracking changes, demonstrating results

Presentation Skills

  • Presenting technical concepts to non-technical colleagues
  • Verbal versus written presentation
  • Displaying complicated data succinctly
  • Action Planning

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