Customer Contact Analysis

The customer contact centre industry is the most measured industry in existence, despite being a relatively new one.  With so much data available, knowing what data to look at, how to interpret it and how to present it in a meaningful way, with appropriate actions is a key skill for analysts and managers alike. 

This 6 week course is delivered online.  There are 3 online, webinar based, workshops (1 - 1.5 hours each) where you get a chance to discuss course ideas with peers, with a work-based assignment to conclude, where you get the chance to put your learning into action within your own organisation.

  • Top-tips in Excel for more impactful reports
  • How to distinguish between metrics and KPI’s
  • How to use a KPQ (Key Performance Question) template to ensure KPI’s are linked to strategy
  • How to better understand your audience so that reports are designed to lead to actions



This module will give students the opportunity to:

  • Understand the importance of an analyst's role
  • Develop practical methods to ensure key messages are understandable and consistent
  • Understand options and best practice in data storage and access
  • Create a toolkit of meaningful analysis methods to drive value from analysis
  • Understand the key principles of analysis of written or verbal communications
  • Develop an understanding of query building
  • Learn how to integrate and understand external data sources




Develop an understanding of data collection and collation into concise, meaningful summaries


Identify suitable data sources within the organisation and understand the importance of ‘single source of truth’ for reporting and MI


Interpret data and provide meaningful summary analysis with relevant action points for business improvement



Use appropriate analytical processes and methodology to interrogate data in multiple ways


Illustrate use of alternate methodologies to support and/or illustrate trends and issues within organisation



Review how to report and communicate information to help others focus on their key issues and goals


Ability to introduce new analysis methodologies into the analysis team



Awareness of own analytical skills and potential development areas


Ability to synthesise meaningful data


Ability to present complex data in a clear, meaningful way to different internal and external audiences



Role of Analysts in Customer Contact Centres

  • Difference in analysts and report generators
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Analysts

Management Information (MI)

  • What makes good MI?
  • KPI’s – how many, what is a ‘key performance indicator’ versus a statistic
  • Data storage / data warehousing
  • Quality versus Quantity
  • Analysis versus Analytics

Analysis Methods

  • Standard Deviation
  • Identifying causal and historic data trends
  • Data interrogation
  • ‘What-if’ scenario building
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