Effective Customer Contact Centre Operations

This module develops awareness of customercontact operations.  Many analysts andteam leaders will only ever have worked in one centre or will have limitedexperience beyond responding to customer contact.  This module is designed to expand experiencebeyond their own centre, requiring students to externally benchmark theiroperation against that of another company or division. The module should buildon the ‘Introduction to Planning’ module concepts by encouraging students tochallenge internal processes.


This module aims todevelop an appreciation that there are many solutions in response to customercontact. Understanding the importance of Service Level in driving actions,especially with respect to Real Time processes, and other staff shift rules andblending options.  By benchmarking withother businesses students will appreciate and develop new ideas and bechallenged to contextualise these ideas with respect to their own organisation.



Understand processes in other organisations and contextualise with own business


Illustrate the impact changes to Service Level and other KPI’s will have on customer contact operations


Interpret observations in other organisations and recommend potential improvements for own centre.



Understanding different contact centre operations any identifiable differences and why they exist


Develop templates to illustrate information in a clear succinct manner



Communicate with professionals and present observations in a clear succinct report


Listen effectively and relate information gained to others


Construct a business case for Best Practice implementation into the organisation



Ability to speak confidently to industry professionals


Ability to communicate recommendations in written report


Understand the impact of improvement recommendations for stakeholders



Benchmarking Theory

  • Review of Case Studies and identification of Best Practice
  • Using framework to contrast and compare organisations
  • Contextualising differences


  • What makes a good report
  • Understanding audience
  • Use of jargon / technical terms

Benchmark Exercise

·      Investing time to understand other organisations

·      Asking the right questions

·      Different methods of benchmarking

Customer Contact Delivery

·      What makes good service

·      Customer contact hygiene factors

·      Routing Strategies

·      Service delivery mechanisms

Contact Centre Structure

·      Overview of the role of technology in effective planning

·      Team structures

·      Roles and responsibilities – frontline management and support functions

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