Principles of Project Management

ProjectManagement is a skill that is frequently thrust upon staff as opposed to beingtaught and mentored. As staff proceed with career development in customer contactcentres, they are frequently nominated for project teams – often without the necessarytraining. Individuals are often ineffective initially, and essentially becomingself-taught.  This module is intended tointroduce basic project management principles upon which the individual candevelop in their career.


Thismodule will introduce individuals to a suite of different project managementapproaches (Prince 2) that may be used within their organisation – what theyare and how they operated at a high level. It will show the importance of clear, identifiable project plans thatare frequently updated. Gantt charts will be explained. Students will alsolearn the importance of understanding roles and dynamics of project teams, timemanagement skills and presentation skills.



Identify different project management templates and understand how to develop a plan


Understand the various roles necessary within project teams relative to a project being undertaken



Collate various elements of a project plan from different participants and identify the inter dependencies


Review various project management theoretical models to adapt, improve and develop own project plan



Use Gantt chart methodology to build a team project plan


Understand and review the group dynamic from a personal and team perspective


Identify where project has succeeded or failed and understand impact of decisions made within project



Take project management skills into wider organisation


Understand the importance of active involvement in project team meetings, project reports and the need to tailor presentations / reports to audience.


Enhance IT skills with respect to building presentations and know how to build Gantt charts



Project Management Overview

  • Why project management methodology
  • Introduce high level overview of different methodologies available

Prince 2 overview

Gantt Charts

  • How to read them
  • How to build them
  • Build in Excel and/or other ICT systems

Project Teams

  • Building a team
  • Roles within team
  • Team dynamics
  • Introduction to personality styles

Presentation Skills

  • How to build team presentation
  • Written reports – format and style – Powerpoint and Word
  • Top tips for effective verbal presentation

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