Understanding Resources

Customer contact centres are like any other organisation and it is important for thosewho have aspirations to manage them to fully understand the basic features andthe impact that these have on how an organisation functions.  In order to accomplish goals, organisationsbreak tasks down into component parts and then group jobs together into workconstellations.  Major business functionsare accomplished within departments and it is important to understand thecontribution departments make to the total organisation and the relationshipbetween them.

Managingresources and activities involves matching the activities of an organisation tothe environment in which it operates so that there is a ‘strategic’ fit’.


Toprovide students with opportunities to; acquire and develop knowledge, understandthe organisational context within which contact centres operate, appreciate thecontribution that individual functions make to overall organisationaleffectiveness



Describe the factors involved at a team level in managing customer contact centre resources


Identify the issues that organisations and teams within them face in managing resources


Identify the characteristics of organisations that effectively manage resources


Describe the organisational context within which activity occurs


Examine the contribution that an individual business function makes to overall organisational effectiveness



Compare a range of management issues in variety of organisational contexts


Discuss the fundamental theories of management in an organisational context


Relate the contribution that individual business functions make to overall organisational effectiveness



Use appropriate diagnostic tools to identify development needs in relation to the effective management of resources


Devise development plans to address identified needs in line with the team/business function


Conduct a basic appraisal of the team/business function’s financial and non-financial business performance


Participate fully and effectively in formal and informal discussions and feedback presentations



Communicate ideas and arguments effectively, verbally and in written form, drawing on academic conventions, as appropriate


IT Skills: Word processing; use of ICT for communication; use of internet for research purposes, use of simulation systems


Interpersonal Skills: Listening, questioning, responding, challenging, supporting, giving and receiving feedback, giving and commanding respect


Oral Communication: Participate fully and effectively in formal and informal discussions and feedback presentations


Personal Skills: Self awareness and self appraisal



The Organisational Context

  • The organisation as the structural context within which activity occurs
  • Organisational culture
  • The impact of structures and culture on functioning

A Customer Focused Organisation

  • The central role of the client (internal or external) as the focus of all activity
  • The identification of client requirements in sufficient detail to facilitate planning and the scheduling of activities
  • The operations function - the transformation process to meet client needs
  • Planning and controlling the operations function; impact on different customers (internal and external)
  • The importance of continuous improvement in the management of activities and the manager’s responsibilities in relation to this, the assessment of current work practices and the identification of areas for improvement within the organisational context; presenting and arguing the case for change to processes and activities 
  • Health and safety aspects to organisational activities – importance of organisational and legal requirements, monitoring working conditions
  • Record keeping; characteristics of effective and efficient working conditions

Effective Financial Management

  • Identification of key financial practices
  • Initiating effective internal controls
  • Preparing budgets

Effective Marketing

  • The marketing concept
  • The development of a client orientation in the organisation
  • The marketing mix
  • Market segmentation
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