Advanced Certificate in Customer Contact Planning and Management for Analysis of Data and Speech

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This version of our popular advanced certificate programme has been designed specifically for any analysts utilising different data sources to provide business insights including Speech Analytics, traditional operational data and voice of the customer. 

  • Do you want an expert analyst in your team driving your analytics solution?
  • Do you want to add demonstrable value to your organisation?
  • Do you want your analysts to be recognised and trusted for the outputs they produce?
  • Do you want your analytics solution to be an integral part of driving operational achievement?

Practical training and development This is a hugely exciting opportunity for analysts to gain an externally accredited academic qualification and gain practical training and support in gaining the most from this any source of insight. Using a blend of best practice, practical research and academic rigour, the programme introduces key concepts and tools in developing the skills of an analyst who is using analytics technology. This brand new 6 month programme training and mentoring programme goes beyond theoretical concepts and brings the practical application to each participant, applying the learning to their organisation, measuring effectiveness and results, whilst still applying the underlying principles and academic research.  

Who is this course for?
This course has been designed specifically for any analysts utilising different data sources to provide business insights including Speech Analytics, traditional operational data and voice of the customer – it is important therefore that you are working within a role responsible for driving insight or reporting within a customer contact environment so you can complete the exercises and coursework required.

This programme will work well for someone new to the role who wants practical skills and techniques they can use in their organisation to drive real insight and benefit from their business data and technology.  It will help experienced analysts shape their outputs saving wasted time and frustration ensuring that your business is seeing a definitive return on their investment, and for anyone who is looking to advance their professional development with an externally recognised qualification.

Realistic benefits in the workplace
This six-month work-based programme will:

  • Help you save time and frustration by focusing your analysis at the right things
  • Introduce you to the Analytics framework to help shape your analysis
  • Show you how to harness the power of metadata to strengthen your analysis
  • Build a professional network that can support you and share best practice
  • Develop your confidence so you can communicate effectively with key stakeholders
  • Provide you with case studies and blue prints to enhance your learning
  • Help you understand the main applications for this technology and how you could bring benefit back to your organisation

University Qualification
This programme is expected to lead to an Advanced Certificate as part of our BSc programme with the Business School at the University of Ulster.  Students will enrol for the following modules which will support them in benchmarking and practical work based applications; Effective Customer Contact Operations and Innovation, and Change Project.  The Introduction to Analysis and Problem Solving module will complete the Advanced Certificate programme (subject to approval from the university) as well as providing CAT points which can be used to progress to the full BSC programme at the end or at a later point in your career.

The two day training course
This intensive 2 day workshop will happen 5 weeks into your course and will follow on from a series of pre-workshop exercises designed to shape your thinking around how you currently utilise analysis and technology in your organisation and to self-assess your current analysis skills.  The workshop will introduce you to the essential knowledge and practical skills required to be an effective data, speech or insight analyst.   This hands on workshop will teach you core analysis skills that you will need to deliver actionable insight back into your organisation.  At the end of the workshop we will agree what your innovation and change project will be, this will be an integral part of the whole programme, where you will take the tools and techniques learned from the 2 days back to your organisation and demonstrate how you have utilised them to drive change.

The 6 month mentoring programme
This is a practical 6 month programme designed to help you drive change in your own organisation.  We will support you in putting your ideas into practice, with action planning, regular coaching from our expert tutors, benchmarking site visits, three process reviews and a project learning log.  We will also provide online support throughout the programme through webinars, 1:1 and group tutorials in addition to an intensive 2 day workshop. 

Benchmarking and Projects
As part of this programme you will be expected to complete some written work which demonstrates your learning.  This will include completing process reviews within your own organisation which look at how your operation is currently delivering analysis and reporting.  A benchmarking report, where we will ask you to visit another organisation and compare how a different organisation is utilising analysis and insight, analysing the similarities and differences in their working practices to your own.  And finally you will complete a personal project where you will and demonstrate how you have implemented the new ideas and learning gained throughout this course to instigate change and improvement within a specific development area within your organisations approach to analysis.

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The cost for this programme is £3250 + VAT (£3000 + VAT for members) this includes university accreditation, specialist course materials, 6 month mentoring programme, 2 day training course and completion certificate.  Volume discounts are available should you want to put multiple analysts through the programme.

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Programme Outline
Week Activity Topic
1 Induction
Distant Learning and Skills benchmarking
2 Data Use Survey
Use of Data
3 Maturity Assessment
Maturity of Data
4 Video & Pre Read
Pre-course Prep
5 2 Day Public Course
6 Group Tutorial
Outputs development
8 Data Concepts
Extracting, linking and presenting data videos & Chatter discussion
10 1-2-1 Tutorials
Projects confirmation
11 Skills Assessment
Skills Benchmarking and 1st Review completion
12 Customer Concepts
Validation, Change, Presentation and data distribution videos & Chatter discussion
13 Chatter Discussion
Benchmark Visit Reflection
14 Group Tutorial
Midway touch point on programme and 2nd Review completion
15 Chatter Clinics
On-line Clinic with Forum Specialist answering questions and debates with other students
Benchmark Review
17 Chatter Discussion
3rd Review Completion and Change Project reflection
18 Group Tutorial
Presentation Methods
Change Project completion
Learning Logs, Tutorials Notes and Bibliography submission
21 Integration Day
Project Presentations
22 Skills Assessment
ROI on training identified
25 Marks Distribution


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