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Service Delivery Analyst, Glasgow

Job Description
This job involves providing real time control of the delivery of service levels within the Customer Service operational teams, supporting the achievement of operational performance standards and providing excellent levels of service to our customers. This is a highly analytical role requiring a passion for service delivery and an excellent understanding of planning tools, reporting systems, real time management information and operational priorities. You will ensure that standards of service are met and service plans are implemented to maintain the appropriate levels of customer service. The metrics against which performance will be measured will include service delivery, utilisation, and planning accuracy. Other critical elements of this role include the ability to champion our service standards, use technology to deliver effective workforce management and influence others to support service delivery. This job will report to the Service Delivery Leader and will have accountability across a number of business units within Personal Customer Service, the role will be based in one of our Service Centres.


  • Utilise tools and processes in partnership with peers to support delivery of operational performance to required standards. 
  • Build and maintain excellent working relationships with local peer groups. 
  • Support a high performance culture by providing effective support and performance management information to operational leaders. 
  • Role model customer first behaviours and support the development of a culture of pride in service delivery. 


  • Anticipate and resolve risks or issues that could prevent positive customer experiences. 
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to improving customer outcomes by using data to create operational insight and enhance service delivery. 
  • Monitor customer demand and identify trends which enable improvements in service delivery 


  • Ensure planned resources are in place to meet customer demand and deliver required service levels. 
  • Manage dynamic operating modes which provide response capability to changing customer demand 
  • Work closely with planning and operational teams to continuously improve service delivery 
  • Provide service updates to relevant stakeholders 
  • Identify, report and escalate systems issues 
  • Keep leadership teams informed of emerging issues and planned mitigation activity 
  • Understand the business performance indicators and know how to influence them. 
  • Achieve expected levels of business performance or anticipate any potential failure and develop contingencies. 
  • Initiate contingency plans when necessary to ensure continuous service delivery. 
  • Manage Customer Manager skills and customer queues to maximise service levels. 
  • Update, control and report on exceptions to effectively manage resource utilisation. 
  • Plan investment activity into schedules, changing dynamically to maximise service levels. 
  • Propose appropriate changes to service delivery plans in order to balance service and investment priorities 
  • Intervene when levels of offline activity jeopardise service levels. 
  • Contributes to the achievement of the wider team’s targets and objectives supporting the growth and profitability of the business

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