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2012 National Best Practice Seminar

With over 230 people attending this year’s National Best Practice seminar on 8th November 2012, this was a must attend event for planners and analysts who want to keep up to date.  The seminar  included case studies, workshops and roundtable discussions in the core key topic areas outlined below, together with time for networking and to talk to suppliers in the Expo area.

The presentations from the seminar are now available to view in the right hand column of this page. Read the reports from the day by clicking on the links below:

Breakfast Briefing: IVR and On-Hold Telephony Messages
Blueprints for Success in Speech Analytics
Critical factors to achieve success in planning
Back Office and MI, Performance Management

National Best Practice Seminar - Scroll down page for detailed session plans
Breakfast Briefing 08:00 - 09:40

Deliver success through effective IVR
How a professional IVR strategy can radically improve your organisation’s performance and improve your customer’s experience.

9:00am  - 10:00 am Registration for those not attending Breakfast Briefing

Morning Sessions  10:00 - 12:45
Flexibility -  Round Table discussion 
What is the role of disciplines such as forecasting , real-time and operations management  in creating flexibility? What has to be in place? What is required of  us in areas such as forecasting, real-time, scheduling and MI? What do we need  in place to make it possible?
Speech Analytics – Workshop
How to use speech analytics successfully, to achieve a specific result such as increase cross-sales, change conversational behaviours, learn about customer needs or analyse root causes.  Delegates gained practical benefit fast from a technology that has now come of age.
Outbound - Workshop and discussion
Two brief presentations on “working with current compliance” and “the future for Outbound” will frame the subsequent discussion and debate.
Networking Lunch  12:45 - 13:45
Afternoon Session 13:45 - 16:30
Planning - Critical factors to achieve success in planning
Practical workshop to discuss 2012 survey results, validate findings and understand how they can improve these areas.  What are the top 3 critical factors?  What are the key enablers in delivering the critical factors for a successful planning team?
Back Office and MI - Performance management in the Back Office debate.  
Delegates listened to a keynote and a panel of practitioners on performance measures in the back office and the challenges to overcome, and joined a workshop exercise about identifying poor performance and delivering the right message.
Professional Accreditation – what’s it all about and how does it benefit me?
How Professional Accreditation can help you and how different members use the various frameworks possible to drive forward skills and processes within their own operations.
Delegates took the chance to try rating themselves and their organisation.
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A unique opportunity to see the difference a professional IVR strategy can make to an organisation.

Advitel and Adexchange, two experts in this field, will reveal how a strategic approach to IVR (and on hold messaging) can radically improve the performance of your call centre. Both Advitel and Adexchange will share case studies, examples, pitfalls and top tips.  

In this “two for one” session Advitel will show you:
  • How to banish caller frustration
  • How often your on-hold messages should change
  • How a professional IVR can radically improve your CC performance
And Adexchange will show you:
  • How to improve IVR performance by simply changing the words
  • How altering a script reduces transfers
  • Words that work – and words that don’t…
To be followed by group discussions and expert panel interview.

This Breakfast Briefing offers an exceptional opportunity to pick the brains of two experienced IVR and on-hold experts in one event. A fantastic way to kick-off this year’s Best Practice Seminar!

Flexibility is more than scheduling
Following the successful flexibility seminars in Glasgow and London and working towards the release of a flexibility book, this session will run through the findings so far. Sharing the results from these two seminars and the views ofover 80 people we will discuss:

  • What is the role of forecasting in creating flexibility? How do we align our long term plans withour need for flexibility? What needs to be included/considered?
  • What is the role of real-time in creating flexibility? What tools could we use to create short termflexibility? What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • What flex needs within your business require contractual changes? Who’s buy-in do we need to makethese changes? Do we have it?
  • What is the role of MI in all of this?
  • Networking and Refreshments
  • Where does the ROI come from in delivering a successful flexibility strategy?
  • What part does the Operation, HR, Training and Recruitment have in delivering a sustainable flexibility strategy?
  • How can we influence Senior Management, HR and if applicable Unions,
  • Next steps and take aways
Focus on how we use Speech Analytics and where it fits into the bigger picture of improving our customer service or sales. This practical workshop will help you gain benefit fast from a technology that has now come of age. Building on the eight case studies shared in our conference programmes over the last 3 years and the material published in January in our industry-leading book of best practice in speech analytics, this workshop takes our best practice materials to the next level, by focussing on blueprints for selected application areas.  We work through some of the critical questions that need to be addressed and see how to learn from what has been successfully developed by the most innovative organisations in this area.

10am    How does speech analytics fit into the wider picture of creating better calls?  
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Keynote from Paul Smedley, speech analytics champion within the Planning Forum
  • Demonstration by Noam Herzensten, Interaction Optimization Specialist from NICE
  • Buzz discussion and Q&A with contributions from our panel and table experts

Noam is flying over from the USA to be with us to share insight from organisations globally.  His short practical demonstration will provide the context for considering how speech analytics can be applied in solving the everyday business problems of team leaders, managers, analysts and improvement teams.

11:15     Tea/Coffee break
[before the break people will choose topics/groups based on a handout and very short statements by a group leader. After the break I will present the framework and questions for the group activity]

11:30     Blueprinting - round table workshop discussion
Choose from the following topic areas:-  

  1. Cross Sales and Up Sales – supporting call coaching and targets
  2. First contact resolution – using speech to support issue resolution on the call
  3. Process improvement - using deep dive analysis to focus on board priorities (Chris?)
  4. Targeted coaching – target support on specific issues only to people who need it
  5. Compliance – using speech to track and escalate non-compliance
  6. Voice of the customer – analysis of verbatims and use of indirect or inferred feedback

12:45     Networking Lunch

13:45    Take time to talk with suppliers or hold 1:1 meetings
OR join one of the afternoon workshops

Following the success of the National Outbound Forum as part of Customer Contact Planning 2012,Blackpool in April, this event offers the chance for outbound professionals to come together and discuss what are the current and future challenges in outbound contact.

10:00 - 11:10 Presentations

  • The future of outbound  - technology and strategy. Hear from a selection of outbound suppliers on their view including Michael Gray from Ultra Communications and a speaker Rostrvm.
  • Strategic member update - The speakers will be Mel Donoghue, Head of Outbound Telephony for UK Retail and Business Banking for Barclays and Andrew Hinton who is the Senior Data and Dialler Manager.

11:10 - 11:30 Refreshments and Networking

11:30 - 13:00 Interactive workshop  and round table discussion

  • Outbound planning - what is it?
  • Where are your challenges and major issues?
  • How is current compliance working within your organisation?
  • Campaign planning - what are the top tips?
  • Where is the customer in all of this?

Key note from the Professional Planning Forums John Casey talking about the Critical Factors to achieve success highlighting the results from the 2012 survey. What were the top critical factors identified?  Knowledge and Skills, Employee Engagement, Economic Pressure, New Technology?

Round Table discussion:
  • How can you improve knowledge, confidence and skills within the planning team?
  • How can planning influence employee engagement?
  • How can updated/improved procedures help you and your organisation?

Panel Discussion (names to be announced)
An interactive panel discussion which will continue the round table discussions.  Your chance to pose some of the items being discussed to our industry experts and further discuss their insights.

Round up and next steps
  • What do you want to see in this community?  What would help you gain even more success in your role?
Key note from the Professional Planning Forum’s Phil Anderson introducing the concept of the Back Office Efficiency model.  Where does planning fit in the cycle and what are the key differences between planning for back office versus traditional front line operations.

Hear from our panel of practitioners, Graham Watson (Capital Life & Pension), Karl Fletcher (Freeman Grattan Holdings)and Adrian Hawes (Aviva) around the measures they current use, would like to use and the challenges they face in the back office.

Followed by round table discussion and workshop on:
  • What do you currently measure in the Back Office?
  • What would like to measure and what’s critical for effective planning?
  • What prevents/stops you from measuring what you want to?
Introduction into the MI Maturity model followed insight from our panel of practitioners Graham Watson (Capital Life & Pension), Karl Fletcher (Freeman Grattan Holdings) and Adrian Hawes (Aviva) to learn how other organisation use, produce and measure data and how this has changed the culture.

Followed by a group discussion on back office performance indicators for both the Process and the People.
  • What are the key indicators for effective Process performance management?  
  • What are the key indicators for positive People performance management?  How do you ensure this drives the desired culture?
  • Can we agree on a definitive top5 indicators for each?  This is your opportunity to help rank the top indicators and ensure that nothing is missing.

Understand the full Professionalism agenda of the Professional Planning Forum and understand what Professional and Business Accreditation can provide you in your operation,strategy and career. Hosted by the Forum’s Head of Professionalism Colin Whelan, explore what the different accreditations provide and get the chance to try rating yourselves and your environment.

Colin Whelan, the Professional Planning Forum’s Head of Professionalism explores the agenda and roadmaps behind the Forum’s vision for an accredited industry. This will form the background to a 3 phase workshop, with accompanying workbook to explore our understanding of our current skills, knowledge and understanding to help us map our own roadmaps, both personally and professionally

Skills framework – Workshop

  • Introduction to how the framework works, uses and practical examples from companies like Thomas Cook, RSA etc
  • A session looking as a couple of competencies to understand the scoring mechanism and a debate around the levels of yourself and those at your table

Professional Accreditation – Workshop

  • Explore some of the companies, names, Members using the membership piece and an exploration of the process
  • Review of more competencies specific to the professional accreditation process

Business Accreditation – Workshop

  • Update on the live pilot being undertaken by a number of organisations on Business accreditation and also the development of the Back Office Standards Panel
  • Similar to the previous exercises but at a procedural level rather than a personal knowledge level, we turn the focus from ourselves onto our team, colleagues and operations to understand the opportunities and strengths we have here.
Download the presentations

Use the links below to view the presentations from the sessions at this year's popular Autumn Seminar.

View the Accreditation Prezi presentation.
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