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Best Practice Seminar, 3rd November 2011, Altrincham

Held on 3rd November our Best Practice Seminar sits alongside the annual April conference as the key meeting-point for members, providing access to hundreds of companies who are part of our membership and best practice programmes.                   

Best Practice Seminar Agenda - Morning
07:30  Executive Breakfast Briefing on Fraud and PCI compliance
 “One in ten of Glasgow’s financial call centres has been infiltrated by criminal gangs”
DCI George Easton, Strathclyde Police

Find out how Sky and others are de-scoping the risk of card fraud, avoiding heavy IT costs and draconian compliance regulations, such as making the centre ‘sterile’ – no pens, paper, mobiles or memory sticks.  With the prospect of heavy fines and evidence that call centres are being targeted as the weak point in an organisation, protection of card data is fast becoming a must-tackle issue.  Organised in partnership with Semafone, this briefing will help you discover the key facts, learn what worked for Sky and gain free practical advice.  See details.

Breakfast from 07:30 onwards. The free briefing starts at 8am.  Join the main morning workshops at 10am – or stay on for round-tables until 10.30 to take further the issues raised, with experts and peers.
 09:00  Registration, Networking, Expo and Refreshments
   Forecasting  Speech Analytics  Back Office

Keynote by Steve Woosey, Chief Executive.

Forecasting – Art or Science?

Member update – projects from the Planning Forum’s Certificate Programmes.

Group discussion   

Networking, Expo and Refreshments

Propensity forecasting – What is it?

What data do we need to forecast this way? Is propensity forecasting right for everyone?     

Followed by group discussion, next steps and takeaways

See details

Key note presentation by Paul Smedley, Founder & Chair.  How does speech analytics support improvement in customer experience? Where are  the key business opportunities? What are the critical success factors?

Case study presentation: British Gas, Innovation Award Winners, reveal where they have gone to next and how they are increasing the benefits they gain from Speech Analytics.  

Panel discussion: ask your questions of our speakers and expert panel members.

Networking, Expo and Refreshments

Workshop Discussion: the last part of the morning is the chance to talk with experts and practitioners to discuss how this technology can work for your business.

See details

Introduction by Phil Anderson, Contact Centre Specialist.

Member Updates: Where are the innovation winners and finalists now?

Panel presentations and discussion

Networking, Expo and Refreshments

Back Office Round Table

  • Performance Management
  • End-to-end process improvement
  • Planning for the back office
See details
 Networking, Expo and Lunch
Best Practice Seminar Agenda - Afternoon
   Scheduling  MI/ Analytics  Real Time

Welcome & keynote from Steve Woosey, Chief Executive, Professional Planning Forum.
Measuring schedule fit – what target should you be aiming for? 

Case study presentation – Improving schedule fit through effective scheduling strategy.

Followed by group discussion

Networking, Expo and Refreshments

Team based activity – Work together proposing a set of schedule initiatives to improve the schedule performance on sample data. 

Discuss solution to the wider group.  

Summary, next steps and takeaways

See details

Moving beyond Averages.  Keynote by Colin Whelan, Head of Professionalism.

Member update - results from 3 student projects.

Group discussion. Understand the techniques available and the information required to generate new insight - beyond averages and percentages.

Networking, Expo and Refreshments

MI/Analytics Workshop - How does that change what we do in our roles?

With this mornings ideas in mind, how can we manage or target differently people, processes or operations?

Next steps and take-aways.

See details

Top Tips for effective Real Time Management.  Keynote by Dave Vernon, Head of Membership.  

Case Study - real time at LV= from Phillip Coole.

Group discussion.

Networking, Expo and Refreshments

Real Time workshop - Defining what is good.

Group discussion.

Next steps and takeaways

See details

Networking Opportunities
Presentations from 2011 Seminar
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