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Affinion International Case Study 2016: A framework for Amazing Customer Experience

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Discover how the Quality Assurance (QA) team gave a competitive edge at Affinion International, with ACE, reducing service related complaints, saving money and raising the number of gold standardcalls by a third.

An assessment framework that engages the entire business has made it possible for QA to provide actionable insight and work with Operations to drive real change for clients & their ‘customers’. By involving front-line agents, building a QA team with accredited, professional skills & using The Forum’s network to learn from external organisations, the Customer Experience & QA team created & implemented new service standards that underpinned an Amazing Customer Experience (ACE). Deliberately moving away from a tick-box approach, this was integrally linked with a change programme that is building a new culture, with Power of Tone training, Coach the Coach & an ACE Academy for new recruits. This consistent, 360 degree approach raised standards, creating efficiencies & process improvements that saved c£50,000 in the first year.

Key Results

  • 33% more gold standard calls
  • Service related complaints down 38% year-on-year
  • QA time per call down 4 mins, productivity up 20%
  • Almost £50,000 saved by process improvements in year one

Who should read or watch this case study? This story will interest anybody involved in quality and customer experience. The way that they are working with their clients to shape their processes is a great model for anybody involved in outsourcing either as a supplier or a client and the cultural change they have imbedded within their organisation is something we can all learn from.

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