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Essex &Suffolk Water Case Study 2015 - Coaching, quality and improving customer experience

  • See the Case Study, Presentation slides and Video of the conference session (which will be uploaded soon).
  • They are hosting a site visit for Forum members on 30th June in Lowestoft

Who should attend? This session is for you if you are looking to change your approach to quality. Whether in a quality role or simply part of the operation then this session is for you.

Learn how advisors at Essex & Suffolk Water are coached and set free to focus on what customers really value, by stripping out the old quality targets to create a culture of making it easy for customers.

  • Understand how to empower colleague to make a difference for the customer 
  • Learn about the far-reaching benefits of removing the old-style quality targets
  • Hear how communication and engagement drove results 
  • Discover how this approach is now influencing other parts of the business
  • See the advantages of taking best practice and shaping it to your organisation

A new approach – Our Coaching, Our Way – empowers colleagues in the Lowestoft call centre (part of the Northumbrian Water Group). Developed with no extra budget, it replaced a tick-box/numbers approach with focussed coaching on how to improve customer outcomes (It’s All About You). The Call Centre Manager took full advantage of presentations and events from The Forum and the P&Q Challenge to learn from other organisations, identify what wasn’t working within her own team and set a new vision, engaging her teams early in the process. Morale and customer satisfaction are both increasing as customer effort is reduced and people help each other. The next stage in this cultural transformation is about continuous improvement – the ideas are being taken up elsewhere in the business putting the customer at the heart of many operational processes.

Site Visit Agenda, 30th June, Lowestoft

Arrivals, refreshments, networking
Introduction from the Forum, Introduction to the organisation and the award-winning changes.
Split into 3 groups for the afternoon’s activities and rotate between all three groups.  
a.       Meet with team leader(s) to understand about coaching and benchmarking 
b.      Meet with agents to understand how it has changed for them and how they feel about group/buddy coaching etc 
c.       Meet with Quality Team
Lunch and informal networking
13:30 Continuation of groups from morning
14:00 Groups back together for tea/coffee and Q&A with the hosting team. 
Benchmarking discussion on topics arising  from the innovation – facilitated by the Forum and our professional members.
Time for individual questions and Formal Close


To hear more about this Awards finalist at the conference or on a site visit please email or call 0333 123 5960.

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