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Capital One Awards Case Study and Site Visit 2014: Let's Make Lives Better: People build success

Learn how Capital One UK proved the value of fully engaging people – on shore and off shore – in building trust with customers and raising net profit 45% above target.

See how the UK business came together around the vision: Let’s make lives better – building trust with customers by starting from the inside. Leadership from the top has been vital, opening doors so that colleagues can develop, challenge and suggest improvements. As a result, trust and engagement has driven improvements to productivity, net promoter scores and net profit and made Capital One Europe’s No:1 “Great Place to Work”. Engagement scores are up more than 50 percentage points, employee turnover halved and employees raised over 227 ideas for improvement in 2013. Alongside this, investment in development training, the workplace facilities and addressing issues identified by front line teams have created a fantastic environment that shows what can be done when you invest
in people.


  • Employee turnover halved from 2011-12 and engagement up 50 points
  • Net profit 45% above target in 2012
  • Detractor score halved for offshore calls in 2013
  • First in European Great Place to Work survey 2013, gaining the Most Trusted Leadership award

Vision Day on 19th June in Nottingham

In place of the usual site visit, Capital One invited Planning Forum members to directly experience the astonishing Vision Day first hand. 

Attending Companies
Affinity Water, Barbon Insurance, British Gas Services, Essex and Suffolk Water, Lego, Novacroft and Prudential.

Example Job Titles
Social Business Manager, Resource Planning Manager, Call Centre Manager, Customer Service Leader, MI and Planning Analyst, Short Term Tactical Planner

Key Takeaways

  • Give insightful feedback to our social media/web based teams. Use some of the information to inspire and motivate the customer services teams
  • The main thing I took away from the day was the way that Capital One engages with its people, I overheard their staff talking about the sessions they had just attended and they seemed really interested and were already thinking about how it would affect them, this really impressed me.
  • I’d like to apply some of the information provided by the speakers into a presentation I am doing for our Senior Team re digital transformation

Key Learnings

  • If we as an organisation don’t  change and try new things we could become less relevant and will be taken over quickly by competitors
    Invest time and effort in your staff, they hold the answers to improving the service you provide. Show them that they are worth it!
  • Digital technology has already evolved customer service and customer behaviours – we need to keep up
  • The way that digital media is becoming king in a customer service industry.

Quotes from attendees
“An absolutely fabulous, exciting and empowering day with some innovative and creative speakers! I gave myself a headache I was so excited!”

“Very good! Glad I could attend”

“I liked the use of mobile devices and tablets to help navigate the day, and was impressed with the varied workshops and speakers”

“It was a great event to see how a company excelling in engagement engages”

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