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As champions of best practice and professional development in customer contact, we are widely recognised as an innovative, inclusive and independent community of professionals who stimulate collaboration, continual learning and customer focus. How can we be the best we can be?  Find out more about our communities of continuous improvement and membership programmes by following the links below:

As a member, you are not on your own but part of a community with others facing many similar challenges. Widely recognised as the ‘go-to place’ for support teams and business leaders, our team of independent experts offers advice, support and training. We are here to help you to make a tangible impact in your organisation and show how developing the capability of each support function is fundamental to your business, through specialist accreditation, qualifications and standards benchmarking. 

Check out these links to get you started:

Contact us to discuss how we can help you and your teams to be fully effective in adding value to your business. Email advice@theforum.social or call 0333 123 5960 or contact any of the team, you can find contact details here.


The Forum, is the overarching community for our four distinct communities of continuous improvement: Professional Planning Forum, Quality & Customer Experience Forum, Data, Analytics & Insight Forum and Customer Strategy & Leadership Forum. Keep yourself up-to-date by following us on social media, call us on 0333 123 5960, email advice@theforum.social or contact us direct. This site has been optimised to display best in browsers running at a resolution of 1280 pixels or higher.

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