Capability and Skills Framework

Assess your capabilities against our new standards  

What is the framework? Who designed it?
With over 100 capabilities applicable to a vast range of specialist roles, our comprehensive framework helps you demonstrate where your strengths lie and which areas of development would add maximum value for you, your customers and your business. Each area of skill or knowledge is specified at four levels, enabling you to identify evidence to support self-awareness and robust self-assessment.

Using this framework will help you identify the skills you need to drive performance improvement. It has been created in discussion with members, using information from our surveys and focus groups. The framework outlines skills and capabilities that are needed, for common job roles in contact centre planning and analysis, giving clear criteria for assessing your level of skill and providing guidance on the skills required. 

View the videos on the Planning Forum YouTube Channel for more information:

  1. What is it?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. How do I get on it?
  4. How do I do an assessment?
  5. Competencies
  6. Job Clusters and Roles

The Capabilities skills portal and skills development framework

Supported by Silver Lining Solutions, using their successful Skills Management Solution, Optimizer, this is a simple, web-based system used to assess your skills and competencies and to identify any skill gaps against a current or future job role. You can use this to identify training or development needs and to define the skills you need to progress your career.

A major membership benefit for corporate members, this framework is currently in use by several companies, all students on Professional Planning Forum training courses and all professionally accredited members, some of whom are starting to use more advanced facilities in the web portal.

The advanced facilities allow you to select from a range of job roles to match your current operating model, or even the opportunity to build your own bespoke job roles into the system and link it into your internal processes for job design, performance management, training and recruitment.

This process can be launched with an in-house workshop and provided by an annual license.

Follow the links below to see the short video guides on what the system is and how it works, or some articles to help understand how the capability framework can help;

  • Improve the management of your people
  • Help identify development opportunities
  • Recognise specialisms within your people
  • Help everybody with their longer term career plans

Read about how the three approaches that members are taking to get the best from themselves and their teams are having a powerful impact.

Video Tutorial - How to log on. Can't access YouTube? View this PDF
Video Tutorial - Groups and Assessments: How to. Can't access YouTube? View this PDF

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