Customer Contact Organisations

This module introduces students to 21st Century contactcentres, providing an overview of roles and responsibilities and anunderstanding of career and personal development opportunities available.

Recruitment to the industry is hindered by a lack of clarity regardingcareer opportunity and this module seeks to provide those beginning theircareer with the information to assist in recognising the importance of and needfor contact centres, leading to a reduction from the currently high attritionrate of new entrants.


To enable studentsto appreciate the principal activities and requirements of a contact centre:



Identify the key aspects of their own (and other) contact centre organisations


Describe the structure and principle activities of a contact centre


Explore the characteristics of the different roles and responsibilities found in a typical organisation


Appreciate the different customer demands and attitudes towards contact centres



Discuss the methods and experience of the industry and it’s structure


Discuss the key theories that impact on contact centre operations


Analyse and synthesise information from different sources.



Conduct a basic appraisal of their organisations function’s and the key factors affecting business performance


Participate fully and effectively in formal and informal discussions and feedback sessions



Communicate ideas and arguments effectively, verbally and in written form, drawing on academic conventions, as appropriate


IT Skills: Word processing; use of ICT for communication; use of internet for research purposes


Personal Skills: Self awareness and self appraisal



What is a Contact Centre

  • Definitions of a centre; customer, call, contact,
  • Primary functions and activities
  • The scale of operations
  • Subcontractors and in-house call centre’s
  • Inbound and outbound centres
  • Trends affecting call centres
  • Organisational structures

Contact Centre Staffing

  • Types of jobs in a call centre; centre manager, team leader/manager/supervisor, operational manager, agent, support roles like finance, HR, IT etc…
  • Contact centre teams
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Contact Centre Activities and Metrics

  • What are performance metrics
  • Standardized requirements for performance

Location, building and facilities

·      Cost of facilities

·      Ability to recruit and retain employees

·      Facilities and working environment

Markets and Organisation

·     Size and proportion of employment

·     Markets served

·     Types of services offered

·     Customer segmentation; large business clients, smallbusiness or high end retail customers, mass market universal centres 

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