The Customer Contact Environment

This module introduces students to the reality of the customer contact industryby relating his or her organisation to the overall environment in which theyoperate. The environment can be interpreted from a number of perspectives,an exploration of how the industry originated; its history and structure; and theever-changing micro and macro environments in which it operates.


To enable students to:

  • Understand what constitutes a customer contact organisation and the environment in which it operates;

  • Reflect on the dynamic factors that have impacted on the industry evolution and growth;

  • Appraise frameworks for analysing the marketing environment;

  • Appreciate different types of customers and the importance of service quality;

  • Recognise the factors that have driven customer contact industry growth

    and possible drivers for the future.


    1. K1  Recognise the organisational context within which customer contact activityoccurs and be able to agree the scope of likely outputs

    2. K2  Understand the competitive nature of the customer contact industry and theprinciple performance measures used

    3. K3  Understand the students own organisation and operating environmentthrough the use of an appropriate business model

    4. K4  Appreciate the importance of monitoring and analysis in the wider customerservice environment


    1. I1  Describe the student’s organisation and business environment.

    2. I2  Gather information for interpreting environmental trends.


  • P1 Apply knowledge of the business environment to practical situations andcase studies.


  • T1  Develop oral and written communication skills through discussion andpresentations in seminars.
  • T2  Gain self-awareness and the need for self directed learning.

  • T3  Develop computer literacy skills by the use of a word-processing packagefor the written assignment.


The Origins of Customer Service and the Emergence of Contact Centres;

  • The changing customer interface in service based industries.

  • Customer relationship hierarchies and local decision making in financial


  • The emergence of customer service as a marketing focus

  • Before contact centres

  • The drive to growth

  • Industry structure and different types of contact centres

  • The view from outside

  • Government support and involvement

  • The Business Environment

  • The customer contact environment defined – size, volume, value, products & services.

  • Relationships between organisations in the customer contactmicroenvironment.

  • The internal environment.

  • The globalisation of the industry

  • Onshore/offshore locations for customer contact operations

  • The value of outsourcing/BPO

  • The Legal Environment

  • The working time directive and other EU legislation

  • Collective agreements

  • The Varney report – public sector frameworks

  • Minimum wage

  • The Marketing Environment

  • Defining customer contact customers and users.

  • Vertical markets

  • The differing types of customer contact transactions.

  • User attitudes to customer contact

  • The Technology Environment

  • Customer contact centre technology defined.

  • Research, development and product design.

  • Storage and distribution.

  • Database marketing

  • Automation and High-Value Work

  • Analysing the Business Environment

  • Knowledge and knowledge management

  • Management and Marketing Information Systems.

  • Frameworks for analysing the business environment.

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