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09:00  Opening Keynotes

09:00 Opening Keynote for the National Planning Conference

Get Connected! What are the latest trends in planning and how do we harness the opportunities created by key technology drivers? How can we build effective resourcing and operating models that deliver for customers and colleagues? Be inspired by high-profile and engaging opening speakers that include Andy Gilbert, Founder of Go MAD Thinking on Making A Difference, Ian Gibson, Director of Health at Ingeus and Paul Smedley, Director at The Forum on learning from planning pioneers. 

09:00 Opening Keynote for Customer, Insight & Quality  

Get Connected! What are the latest trends and key technology drivers for insight and quality or customer experience teams? How can we connect our business or service with the needs of our customers and release the potential of our colleagues? Be inspired by high-profile and engaging opening speakers that include Andy Gilbert, Founder of Go MAD Thinking on Making A Difference, Jimmy Hosang, CEO at Modular Analytics and Paul Smedley, Founder & Chair at The Forum.

10:45 Morning Choices

10:45 Planning Cycle Workshop     

Take the opportunity to hear from different organisations and see practical examples of approaches to key areas of resource planning. This workshop includes facilitated round table discussions from member organisations offering their approach to Forecasting Analysis, Scheduling and Real-Time (operational readiness & effectiveness).

  • See different techniques for forecasting including open source and classic Excel based models. 
  • Discuss alternative scheduling patterns and shift rotations, along with flexible working arrangements. 
  • Understand different ways to influence the operation to improve readiness and effectiveness.
  • Organisations involved include; Co-Op Bank, Direct Line Group, RSA, BookingGo, Virgin Media, Sky and British Gas

This session is designed for all levels of planners from analysts to managers, offering practical take-aways along with lively discussions and debate. A great way to network with a range of people and organisations.

10:45 The Future Role of Planning

What will the role of Resource Planning look like in the future? This session will explore how the role and demands of planning have changed and discuss what the future could hold.

  • Benchmark your current team size and structure, span of control and scope of responsibility. 
  • Understanding how to demonstrate the return of investment and impact of your team.
  • Learn how others have taken planning to other parts of the business.

This session is designed for senior planning professionals, managers, heads of and director who want to take a long-term strategic view of the role planning.

10:45 Field and Branch Operations

There is unprecedented pressure for change in Field Operations, with a mobile workforce, and retail/branch. Join our Enterprise Planning Network for this session to understand the key drivers and to learn how successful organisations are transforming service and culture, through effective resourcing planning and insight.

  • Hear how an award-winning planning team built on success in one business to be used in transforming field service across the whole enterprise
  • How do we create a solution-focussed, service culture, with the creativity & capability to use digital technology that drives improvement in processes, resourcing and customer experience?

This session is the chance to hear from experienced practitioners and to interact in table groups, meeting and learning from others facing challenges in similar operations. Table groups will allow those in Field or Branch/Retail operations to focus these core challenges around the specific issues they face.

Speakers include Marie Eustace (Head of Planning at the JCI group and former Innovation Award Winner for her work at ADT Fire & Security), Michelle Gough (Head of Capacity Planning & Scheduling at Yorkshire Ambulance) and Nick Frank (chair of the Field Service Network and an experienced consultant who has worked with organisations across UK & Europe in implementing Field Service) and Adrian Hawes (Director at Select Planning and Associate Consultant with The Forum). Table hosts include experienced practitioners from different industry sectors.

Further sessions for Field & Branch Planning follow at 14:00, 15:15 and 16:15

10:45 Understanding our customers: Insight, Analytics, Quality & Customer Experience

Whatever our role, understanding our customers is absolutely vital. This workshop is your chance to hear from experienced practitioners about the distinct contributions of insight, analytics, quality & customer experience teams. You can then choose topics you would like to explore in more detail, in round table discussions to share best practice.

  • Quality: How do we know our quality programme will improve our customers’ experience
  • Planning: Do our targets align with our customer expectations?
  • Insight: What drives our customers to call, buy, join, leave or stay?

No one method or data source will tell us what we need to know. If we want the whole picture, we need to understand where we fit in and bring together insight from a variety of sources. Topics may include: Web analytics, Machine Learning, Interaction analytics, Voice of the Customer/Customer Insight, reducing complaints, Listening to advisors, Social media, Beyond the contact centre and key questions like: “Is your quality framework meeting customer expectations?” “What does our call data tell us?”

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