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09:00 Opening Keynote for Customer, Insight & Quality  

Get Connected! What are the latest trends and key technology drivers for insight and quality or customer experience teams? How can we connect our business or service with the needs of our customers and release the potential of our colleagues? Be inspired by high-profile and engaging opening speakers that include Andy Gilbert, Founder of Go MAD Thinking on Making A Difference, Jimmy Hosang, CEO at Modular Analytics and Paul Smedley, Founder & Chair at The Forum.

10:45 Understanding our customers: insight, analytics, quality & customer experience

Whatever our role, understanding our customers is absolutely vital. This workshop is your chance to hear from experienced practitioners about the distinct contributions of insight, analytics, quality & customer experience teams. You can then choose topics you would like to explore in more detail, in round table discussions to share best practice.

  • Quality: How do we know our quality programme will improve our customers’ experience
  • Planning: Do our targets align with our customer expectations?
  • Insight: What drives our customers to call, buy, join, leave or stay?

No one method or data source will tell us what we need to know. If we want the whole picture, we need to understand where we fit in and bring together insight from a variety of sources. Topics may include: Web analytics, Machine Learning, Interaction analytics, Voice of the Customer/Customer Insight, reducing complaints, Listening to advisors, Social media, Beyond the contact centre and key questions like: “Is your quality framework meeting customer expectations?” “What does our call data tell us?”

12:30-14:00 Lunchtime: choose from one of these stimulating lunchtime sessions and take your lunch before or after.

  • Make the Difference. Join this learning workshop with Andy Gilbert, this morning’s keynote speaker.
  • An introduction to PowerBi & data visualisation. How can this help you share insight and drive performance?
  • Networking & meetings. The EXPO is open at lunchtime, a great chance to keep yourself up to date and meet key suppliers.
  • Or join the Technology Showcases from the wider conference agenda

14:00 Data Strategy for planning and insight teams

Whatever our role as an analyst, our recommendations, insight and forecasts are only as good as the data we have available. In this workshop we will explore the key factors that build a robust data strategy.

  • See methods that ensure your data is accurate and reliable, with one version of the truth
  • Understand how to build the foundations that allow you to develop advanced technologies and techniques like AI & Machine Learning
  • Learn how to create a framework that makes your data accessible and well-connected 

This session is designed for all kinds of analysts – whether in insight, planning, continuous improvement or customer experience teams. It will be led by Ian Robertson, Insight Specialist at The Forum and Sean Northam, Lead Consultant at Modular Analytics and an Associate Consultant with the Data, Analytics & Insight Forum. 

OR If your role involve quality, choose this great session from the Quality conference: 

Performance & Quality: Problem Solving Workshop. Many successful operations are moving away from simplistic metrics and tick box approaches to quality, towards a focus on learning and demonstrating the value that comes from QA and coaching. Take time to work with others in exploring how to optimise the balance between quality and productivity for a front-line advisor or agent.

15:15 Get connected! What makes a great analyst? 

The role of an analyst has evolved over the last few years. Analysts can no longer simply process data, they need to be problem solvers, business partners and continuous improvement champions. In this workshop we explore.

  • What are the skills and behaviours required to become a great analyst?
  • Where do you and your team need to develop?
  • How can you source or develop these skills?

This session is designed for analysts and managers of analytical teams and those aspiring to analytical roles. Hear from a panel of peers, share ideas and best practice and create or review their recruitment and development strategy.

OR If your role involve quality, choose from these two great sessions from the quality and planning conferences: 

  • Quality & process improvement.  Turning quality into an improvement team, not just a measuring or monitoring tool, but driving improvement in process and for our customers, so that we ‘pay our own way’ as a value adding function.  
  • Data visualisation for analysts. Many of the reports that analysts produce are not read, used and understood, so they don’t drive the value they could. Learn how to improve your visual literacy by seeing practical examples of different techniques for everyday visualisation and analysis.

16:15 Conference Roundup for Insight & Quality 

  • Round up the day with our keynote speakers and be inspired to take back new ideas and approaches to your organisations and Make A Difference 
  • Informal networking and reflections from the day with The Forum and session speakers 
  • Meet in table groups with others in similar roles or facing similar challenges 

Cement relationships and plan how to take the learning from today into your own workplace

17:00 Conference close and informal networking

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