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Take the opportunity to gain accreditation in a specific subject. Our Box Sets are groups of related modules that help you focus your learning. The full box set cost includes your accreditation. To complete accreditation, you need to watch all five modules and send an email to to describe what you have taken from the modules and how you have applied these in your role.
Each Box Set costs £295 +VAT. (Free to anyone on an Assisted Learning Pathway). Click on the descriptions below to book your place now.

Student takeaways

One of our members from Lifeplus completed the Capacity Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting box set these are the headline takeaways:
 - A small impact in your field can have a good effect higher up in the ranks at board level i.e. matching up with a higher strategic objective
 - Planning teams need to collaborate with other areas/organisations, engage stakeholders
 - Increase Operational effectiveness - As a team, we have vastly increased our communication channels 
 - Improve and manage the flow of your data cycle and version control
 - Long Term: Financial and Budget Planning – Operational: Drives capacity, scenario planning, and risk
 - In the middle of a transformation/plan, the challenges are still there, and targets not being met --> this must lead to evolving the approach to capacity and demand
 - Improve the quality of the data, focussing on what/why/how, determine what happened to the customer base
 - Demonstrating Value and ROI – benefits achieved, costs avoided, risks avoided

Free Box Set: Technology Showcases National Conference 2020

Published on 04 December 2020

Free Box Set: Technology Showcases National Conference 2020

Watch at your own Pace

The Modular Analytics Co. 
See how data, technology and empathy can manage the customer experience. TMAC demonstrates real-life examples of  next best action, speech analytics and data-led team coaching working in tandem to drive revenue and create positive experiences for customers and agents alike. 

Anaplan: Agile & Reactive Modelling: the key to Modern Planning 
We must take into account not only future trends but unforeseen events and market conditions. The ability to make good business decisions is completely reliant on a plan that is adaptable and flexible enough to react with resilience and speed. In this session you will see how many scenarios can be created and compared to enable a decision to be made with good principles and alignment to strategy.

Aspect: Enabling Flexible Working Practices 
As organisations embrace flexible working strategies for their contact centre and back office workforce what working practices are going to change and how can technology enable these? Join Aspect Software to understand more.

Verint: Hybrid Working: How to convert necessity into powerful choice 
True Workforce Engagement solutions not only empower agents with control and preference whilst delivering agility and visibility to your organisation, they also recreate the power of  ‘in office’ creativity and connected performance – online. Join this session to discover how smarter scheduling and management of your hybrid teams can be enhanced by utilising gamification, communities, and performance tools to drive your organisational edge. Chris Rainsforth, Head of Operational Management Best Practice and Huw Jones, Manager, Solutions Consulting will be our Verint speakers. 

Arise: When People Do Your Planning
Using a ‘live’ demonstration of their award-winning Starmatic scheduling tool, Arise will demonstrate how you could let your People do your Planning, exploring performance gamification, agent preference scheduling, intraday variation and meeting unplanned demand.

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