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Leadership Forum - 2020 Vision: transformation & technology

Published on 28 April 2019

Leadership Forum - 2020 Vision: transformation & technology

28th April, Grand Hotel, Gosforth, Newcastle

Today’s Forum celebrates our 20th Anniversary at the Forum, with 2020 Vision. How do we gain the clarity of vision required to move forward purposely? By looking back, we can learn from our evolving practices over the past 20-years and crystallise our knowledge of best practice and standards now. Then we can look ahead to the challenges and changes we will face over the coming decades.

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How will future technology shape your business strategy? Consider how technology has changed over the past 10 or 20 years and what this meant to business, customer and colleague. What is likely to change in the future, what are the lessons learned from the past?
Continuing from opening key notes, take a closer look at the Strategy Pyramid and the culture that we need. What are the different dimensions to setting targets, and target typology, to understand how to set, communicate and achieve targets (not ‘fudge’ them)?

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