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Are you a Director or Senior Leader? Join our regular forums to raise standards in customer operations together. The Forum holds events for leaders to network and hear from inspirational speakers throughout the year.

This Autumn The Forum will be hosting a series of Strategic virtual round-table discussions designed to develop thought leadership and best practice material. Our intention is to develop thought leadership around future workforce strategies, taking a look at steps taken during COVID-19 and the transition to the future. Each session will be recorded, with an edited transcription published and shared around the wider group and community. Future sessions will develop previous discussions and bring in new questions. Each month a new article will be published designed to be built upon exploring new different, but connected, topics. This will lead to a comprehensive article reflecting the comments of all sessions. Each discussion group will be kept small, to give each attendee the opportunity to contribute and answer the key questions, whilst allowing time for the topic area to grow.

The traditional working environment has been challenged, how will future workforce strategies look, thinking of the working environment, including: property, office-homeworking hybrids; suitable technology and business culture?

Strategy & Leadership Autumn Programme - Part 3

Virtually On 11th November, 09:30 - 11:30

What technology is required and what is currently missing to support the future working environment?

Whatever our future workforce strategy looks like, technology will play a huge part to support this. How has your current technology infrastructure supported you during disaster recovery, what has been key to current operations, what has been missing? What new technology needs to be considered?

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Strategy & Leadership Autumn Programme - Part 4

Virtually On 10th December, 09:30 - 11:30

How will the business culture change? What needed to stop, and this have been a great opportunity to change? What needs to remain, however it may be difficult to keep?

Every business has been impacted by COVID-19, as every employee life has changed due to lockdown measures and social distancing. How has the business culture changed or adapted to new working conditions? How could/should the business culture evolve, or change to thrive in the new normal?

As a member, you are not on your own but part of a community with others facing many similar challenges. We are here to help you to make a tangible impact in your organisation and show how developing the capability of each specialist professional function is fundamental to your business.

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Free Webinar - 2020 Vision: Crystallising your knowledge Launch

Hosted on 27th April 2020 by Phil Anderson and Paul Smedley

2020 is The Forum’s 20th year and this year we want to look back on our first 20-years and think ahead for the next 20-years. Our vision, back in 2000, was and remains to raise standards in customer operations helping to set standards across Planning, Insight and Quality. Now, having established communities of best practice we can continue to raise standards and prepare for the future.

This year’s theme refers to the clarity and sharpness of vision required to purposely move forward towards your targets, goals and dreams. Whilst recognising the benefit of our fluid thinking over the past 20-years to crystallise our knowledge of best practice and standards.

 - “Purpose, Learning and Self-Awareness” Keynote from The Forum’s Phil Anderson
 - 2020 Best Practice Guide launch and chapter review
 - 2020 Best Practice Programme – how to get involved

Strategy & Leadership: Impossible to Inevitable Assisted Learning Pathway

W/C 7th December, Virtual Learning

This learning pathway will take you on a journey to help you change your mindset and learn key professional skills to support your role now and in the future.  Combining The Forum’s Learning Academy and i2i Goal Achievement programmes, along with monthly tutorials you can benefit from working alongside a cohort group, bespoke learning and mentoring support from The Forum and i2i.

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