Assisted Learning Pathways

Our Assisted Learning Pathway is a six-month programme which blends virtual learning with regular tutorials, so you can join from wherever you are. Explore how to implement new approaches in key specialist areas, with modules updated to show the latest trends & development. Build skills in bite-sized steps and in interactive ways, as part of a group alongside others.

Each Assisted Learning Pathway costs £1250 +VAT. Upcoming dates are shown further down this page, click on the description to book your place now.

Assisted Learning Pathway Feedback 

“On both a personal and professional note, the timing of this programme was perfect! It has changed my way of thinking about not just work but also personally to different situations. It has made me more proactive in preparation for meetings/presentations as I am able to apply the techniques I have learned to get the desired results from my audience and to also ask more insightful questions to gain a better understanding of the task/situation. I have applied this to my immediate team but also to my wider stakeholders.” James Waller, Strategic Change Analyst, e.on

Excel for Analysts Assisted Learning Pathway

W/C 16th May 2022, Virtual Learning

While we may now use a range of different reporting and analysis tools, excel remains a key tool for many analysts. Even if we don’t use it for our regular reporting, we may well use it to test out new ideas or when we need answers quickly. Some talented analysts can struggle with excel and even experienced users may only use a small part of the functionality. Excel skills can be easily learned and allow us to make a real difference in our analysis. Not only improving and even automating our reporting but building a foundation ok knowledge and skills we can apply to other systems.

Through the assisted learning pathway we will explore:
 - Key techniques and formulae
 - How to automate your excel reporting
 - Fundamental insight techniques to ensure your analysis makes a difference.

Knowledge Management Assisted Learning Pathway

W/C 16th May 2022, Virtual Learning

Knowledge and Content Management is growing in importance within our industry. It is key to helping both internal colleagues and external customers. Through the programme we offer practical knowledge and examples for specialist knowledge management teams, as well as key tips and guidelines for analysts and managers.  

Through the assisted learning pathway we will explore
 - The key principles of knowledge management
 - Knowledge management systems and how others are using these to great affect.
 - Building a business case and measuring return on investment.


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