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Public Service Transformation

It is clear that public sector services need further and deeper plans to drive efficiency, delivering more with less.  But which approaches are getting the best results?  How do we embed best practice into our every day operational working practices?  How do we include operational managers, so that service transformation is not just for strategic heads or project leads?

Our Public Sector Transformation Forum is a specialist community that builds on the proven strengths of the Professional Planning Forum in helping people share best practice and benchmark their operations, identifying practical opportunities for making efficiency gains, improving customer service or gaining employee engagement.

Join us for a wealth of online case studies and articles and free member events – including our hugely popular and well-respected annual conference in April.  Take advantage of our specialist advice and training in contact centre resource planning and information analysis.  Gain insight through our best practice, benchmarking and networking activities.  Take a shortcut to some of the latest materials and resources for this community here

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