August 2017: Is Robotics the way forward? Plus ideas for the summer


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Building success with continuous improvement

After reading about Robotics in the articles, watch this case study to see it in action. See the purpose, results and success of using robotics to aid productivity

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The truth about Bots

Hear from Mary Phillips from PR Artistry and her take on the good, the bad and the beautiful of Bots. Mary also explores what roles Bots will play in years to come, don't miss out on this great article

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See the award-winners at our November conference

Our finalists have all presented and deliberation is taking place. For your chance to hear from the winners of our National Awards book your places now

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Achieving quality & productivity with robotics

Corporate Modelling look into how robotic technology is growing in popularity and shaping business functions. There are now risks of being left behind in this digital age

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  The 2017 UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker's Guide

This webinar will demonstrate how Real-Time Automation provides the operational agility to
convert idle time into feedback sessions, improving your Quality Assurance traction for your
whole contact centre team
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The State of Quality Monitoring 2017 

Last year, the 2016 survey showed a significant turn towards Quality Monitoring compared
to 2015. In 2017, Business Systems teamed up once again with The Forum to find out if and
how contact centres in the UK have improved in streamlining Quality Monitoring
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  Career Opportunities

Opportunities this month include: Resource Planner, BI Analyst and Head of Operational
Planning & Workforce Optimisation at organisations including: Thomas Cook, Firstsource
and Affinion
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