Yorkshire Ambulance Case Study

Case Study: Yorkshire Ambulance Service 

John Senior, Workforce Information Analyst at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust shares his personal challenge journey.

When I started, I had no idea what to expect and I was still learning about the issues facing our call centre.  At my tutorial with The Forum, we discussed what was suitable for my Challenge.

  • My first goal was to document the processes involved in calculating staffing requirements for the 111 operations.
  • Beyond this, I wanted to understand the tasks that created this workload, hopefully achieving some improvements. I also wanted to make it easier in future for anyone new and to improve my standing with work colleagues.
  • The result, 10 months later, has been a number of small improvements and achievements rather than a single large project. These are intended to roll forward as a continuous improvement process
  • The Challenge has given me a place to discuss my issues and get ideas from others who can understand the issues. I’ve also be able to listen to others discussing their own issues and options they consider to resolve them.
  • The Best Practice events have provided examples of situations and thought provoking points to keep me thinking of how to make things better.
  • A great deal of confidence building has come from being involved with the Forum.
  •  Whilst working on the Challenge, I have had to organise myself to create empty spaces of time in which to do large pieces of work.
  • I now do on a Monday morning all the reports needed for the first half of the week. This freed up Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for development work. Similarly, on a Thursday morning I do the reports which need to be produced more than once a week.
  • By doing the Challenge, I now feel I have earned more respect at work and people are more prepared to ask me if I can help them with insight.


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