Conduit Awards Case Study 2011: Analytics cuts costs and raises satisfaction

This article is a must read for those interested in discovering how speech analytics can add to outsourced partnerships; help identify possible savings for clients; and raise customer recommendations.

Discover how speech analytics can add to outsourced partnerships, identifying £1.7m savings for one client and raising their customer recommendations almost 9% points.

Conduit implemented Verint’s speech analytics solution and created a new continuous improvement team as a means of adding value and developing strategic client relationships.  The approach has had a significant impact on one telecommunications client, potentially saving £1.1million per annum by identifying the drivers of repeat calls and reducing average handling time (AHT) by 2.1million minutes annually – equivalent to £600,000 in agent costs.  The outsourcer has even used its speech data to pinpoint where process changes can be used to positively impact net promoter scores (NPS), reaping an 8.7 point uplift in the space of just 12 months.

Key results include:
  • Identified opportunity to reduce AHT for one client by up to 2.1million minutes pa
  • Potential to save £600,000 in agent costs as a result
  • Opportunity to save £1.1million pa by detection and fixing of repeat call drivers
  • NPS up 8.7 % points in year to December 2010

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