Analytics: actively listening to the customer

The new Analytics Framework is an important part of the work we have been doing to support analysts in making effective use of information to drive change in the business and ensure we are actively listening to the customer.  

The article and presentation from our November Best Practice Seminar explain the use of the Planinng Forum's Analytics Framework - how it can be used making effective use of speech analytics, but also how it can be used in other types of analysis.  
The April conference workshop focussed on understanding how speech and other forms of analytics can give the customer a voice in transforming the business. How is this data used? What are the potential benefits? How do we overcome common obstacles?
Analytics is the art of creating actionable insight from big volumes of data. It can shine new light on our customers’ journeys, expectations, experience and behaviour. It opens up areas for analysis where where judgements have previously been based on adhoc or anecdotal evidence and can enable consistency. Significantly, although technology is the big enabler, the critical factor is how we use it.

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