What does ‘good’ look like? - The MI Maturity Model

Many organisations talk about being customer centric, but this only becomes a practical reality if we have the infrastructure and climate to deliver a culture that tracks, learns, responds and changes. Information & analysis are at the heart of moving an enterprise along this pathway of maturity. The Professional Planning Forum outlines how the MI Maturity Model can help your business.

This is the critical challenge for us, as a community of best practice, in 2012. For the industry innovators, Management Information (MI) is no longer simply about producing numbers. We need to look at the right numbers, so they drive the right behaviour. We need to engage all parts and levels of the organisation (not just managers, not just one department). Above all, we need to check that things are changing as a result of this insight.

So to understand what does good looks like, we will make the landmarks on this journey more obvious by marking them on the maturity model below. Each axis is there to help you plan your route to what good looks like for your organisation, setting an achievable and realistic destination.

Along with each axis, I have suggested some case studies to review in the links below– they are all previous Award Winners and Finalists and you can see their work on our library online. You may prefer to watch the video.

What does good look like? The main message I would like you to take from this piece is that ‘good’ does exist and we can all get better.

Good means different things for different organisations, so unless your definition of good is aligned to your environment, control, capabilities and strategic aspirations, then it can’t be considered to be good at all.

This axis is about data and report creating, storage and production. It requires the ability to demonstrate a robust and reliable data infrastructure, which leads towards ‘One version of the truth’ and reporting in an effective and timely manner.

This is around how people use the data. Do we display data in innovative ways? Do we get colleagues using it to change how they do things. Look for analysis and commentary on data and activity that drives decision making and continuous improvement).

This is about “how we do things around here”. We need all stakeholders engaged with the part they and others have to play. Can we demonstrate an appropriate structure of accountability and empowerment?

This is around targets, management, strategy and leadership. Do we have the ability to demonstrate that the allocated business targets are driving the correct or desired behaviours? We may focus on relationships between customers, colleague and company to see how changing one measure has impacts elsewhere. 

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