The MI Maturity Model – The Use Axis

This is where we benchmark how people use the data. Do we display data in innovative ways? Do we get colleagues using it to change how they do things? Look for analysis and commentary on data and activity that drives decision making and continuous improvement.

Take a look at work by Shop Direct (2011), Orange (2010) and Carphone Warehouse (2008).

Do you have questions in this area? Do you have questions in the areas below? Or more importantly, are these the answers you are looking for? If so, then browse through the articles listed below to explore all levels of maturity on this topic of ‘Use’:

  • Education / Development / Understanding
  • Focus and prioritisation
  • Access
    • Can I get it
    • Can I pull it
    • Can I see it (what I need to see)
    • Timeliness
      • When I need it
      • How long to get it
    • Who
    • Relevance / Control
    • Context
      • Comparisons (peer to peer, etc)
    • Format
    • Manipulation ability
    • Self Service
      • Manipulation ability (appropriate)
    • Enabler (Technology self build Vs Purchase)
    • Analysis / Commentary
      • Techniques
      • Styles
  • Temper….behaviours, cottage industries, etc
  • Can I see my contribution to the business / targets / strategy
  • Change my actions / strategy with the information I have got
  • Doing something different / doing something with it
  • High volume of ad hoc
Take a look at these articles, videos and links
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Shop Direct Awards Case Study 2011: Insight underpins £multi-million benefits
The Carphone Warehouse Awards Case Study 2008: Information puts customers at the heart of the business
What does ‘good’ look like? - The MI Maturity Model
White paper: Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data


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