The MI Maturity Model – The Production Axis

This axis is where we benchmark data and report creating, storage and production. It requires the ability to demonstrate a robust and reliable data infrastructure, which leads towards ‘One version of the truth’ and reporting in an effective and timely manner.

Take a look at work by Vodafone (2011), Nationwide Regional Brands (2010) and Ventura (2010).

Do you have questions in this area? Do you have questions in the areas below? Or more importantly, are these the answers you are looking for? If so, then browse through the articles listed below to explore all levels of maturity on this topic of Production:

  • Production
    • Platforms
    • Human intervention
    • Volumes
    • Time required
  • Negative indicators
    • Disparate sources
    • Conflicting data
    • Challenges on data
    • Prevention of ad hoc reports
  • One version of the truth
    • Understand where the data comes from
    • Understand the best place to get data from
    • Validate and sensor check the data
    • Document meaning of data fields
    • Document way in which data can be used
    • Language/definition
  • Completeness check – can you get data that you need to do the measures
  • Continuous improvement
    • What is good enough for now? – is A version of the truth as good as 1 version of the truth
    • 80/20 rule
    • Understand the bits that aren’t right – misleading data
  • Efficiency of production
    • Automation
  • Skill sets
    • Database administrator
    • Excel jockeys
  • Value adding time (Analysis of where your time goes)
Take a look at these articles, videos and links
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Ventura Awards Case Study 2010: Speech analytics drives performance coaching
Vodafone Awards Case Study 2011: Digging deep to get the whole truth revealed
What does ‘good’ look like? - The MI Maturity Model
White paper: Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data


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