The MI Maturity Model – The Measures Axis

This is where we benchmark targets, management, strategy and leadership. Do we have the ability to demonstrate that the allocated business targets are driving the correct or desired behaviours? We may focus on relationships between customers, colleague and company to see how changing one measure has impacts elsewhere.

Take a look at work by Vodafone (2009) and Ventura (2010).

Do you have questions in this area? Do you have questions in the areas below? Or more importantly, are these the answers you are looking for? If so, then browse through the articles listed below to explore all levels of maturity on this topic of Measures:

  • Difference between Targets and Measures
  • Balanced Targets
    • Colleague, Customer & Company
  • Things that you target need to be the ingredients that deliver your strategy
    • You can control that element of it
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Realistic targets against level of realistic performance
  • Strategy
    • What are you looking to deliver?
      • Externally
      • Internally
      • Drive & how you shift performance
  • Reward (Distribution)
  • Don’t target to averages
  • Short term / Long Term…Dissonance
  • Hidden Costs
  • Analysis / evidence
  • End to End
Take a look at these articles, videos and links
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Key Topics in Data, Insight and Analytics
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Vodafone Awards Case Study 2009: Making customers fans of our business
What does ‘good’ look like? - The MI Maturity Model
White paper: Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data


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