TalkTalk Awards Case Study 2012: Analytics supports sales compliance


Analytics supports sales compliance

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Discover how TalkTalk is using speech analytics to ensure sales consistency across 278 agents in three outsourced partners, both on-shore and off-shore.

Stretching growth targets, regulation and a spread of call centres has led TalkTalk to develop a strong focus on consistency in sales conversations. Previously, this depended on manual call sampling. Now, Nexidia speech analytics technology automatically provides a list of high-risk calls which the in-house QA team review. Every call that does not meet standard is referred to the relevant operation and reviewed with individual agents. A new scorecard gives visibility and focus to the top nine areas of compliance risk. With development starting in July 2011 and the new data used across multiple sites by January 2012, this extraordinarily rapid implementation reflects an absolute commitment by all levels of the business to ensure continued compliance and manage regulatory risk.


  • Sales compliance QA of high-risk calls now five times faster
  • Scale of calls assessed increased from 2,000 to 125,000 per month
  • 33% reduction in mis-sells
  • 37% saving in time to undertake sales compliance QA
  • Calls now intelligently selected according to corporate priorities


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