Field Planning Membership

Can we support you in the delivery of your objectives in Field Planning?
The specialist skills required to plan for a well-balanced field operation require specialist support.   Why struggle on your own when there is a dedicated forum for best practice and professional development in this area?

A special membership offer for professionals involved in Field Planning gives you a package of practice events, networking opportunities, materials and support at special rates and the chance to shape the industry.

Is Field Planning membership for me?
Membership offers you year-round support and a formal programme of advice and best practice, providing an opportunity to meet with people facing similar problems, find solutions to the common challenges you face and learn from experiences in all industry sectors. 

Membership helps you:-

  • Keep up-to-date in a time-efficient manner.
  • Access resources and case studies and avoid re-inventing the wheel.
  • Share best practice, establish benchmarks and learn from others.
  • Gain great discounts on training and development programmes.
Special benefits for Field Planners
The specialist membership package is about Best Practice.  You pay one annual subscription and gain the following package of benefits.
  • Access to 4 x one-day events each year (this includes a day at our annual conference worth £350+VAT). Two events will be aimed at Analysts and Middle Management and two events will be of a strategic nature.
  • Access to material and outputs of these events, even if you can’t attend
  • The chance to do a "showcase" of your business at one of these events to raise your personal and company profile
  • Access to delegate lists to enhance networking
  • Telephony support from the Forum on field planning issues
  • A chance to shape and be at the forefront of the industry
Field Planning Membership can run standalone or on top of your current Forum Membership for a rolling 12 months.

The 2012-2013 cost of Field Planning Membership is £795+VAT for current Forum members and  £995+VAT for non- Forum members.

Please call Dave Vernon on 01663 746 772 or email him on to find out more or apply.

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