Voice of Customer Workshop

Brought to you by The Forum in partnership with Bright UK

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How to gain tangible benefit from your VOC programme

This free workshop is designed to help you understand what your customers are thinking and how you can use this insight to deliver financial value to the business. 

Who should attend?

  • Anybody looking to harness the power of effective customer feedback
  • Anyone with responsibility for their Voice of the Customer strategy
  • Business leaders who are looking to use customer insight to help drive performance improvements 
  • Ideal for managers, insight, quality and operational service leaders with a passion for delivering effective customer experience. 

What you will learn:
The basics: 

  • The value of collecting customer feedback – practical applications, success stories, ways it can be used. 
  • How to set up an effective VOC programme 
  • Creating surveys – practical suggestions, things to avoid, improving response rates, avoiding survey fatigue 
  • Data/verbatim analytics – what’s available – how it drives value 

How to use VOC insight to drive positive improvement: 

  • Once you have the data – what do you do with it to drive continuous improvement – Cost saving, route cause, CX improvement, NPS/CES/Sales uplift. 
  • Using VOC to improve quality monitoring, coaching, performance management 
  • How to embed VOC into your culture – creating a self-correcting operation!
  • The impact of VOC on KPI target setting
  • How to transform your contact centre into a real time information hub using VOC

Practical considerations: 

  • How to secure investment – creating the business case
  • How to set quantified success factors 
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your VOC programme 

In addition you will hear from experienced practitioners who will share their success stories and relevant case studies. 

About Bright

Bright was founded in 2000. Since then over 1,000 contact centre reviews have been carried out and millions of clients’ customers are surveyed every year. Based on this we know what it takes to become a best in class customer service operation and have perfected our tools to help clients achieve this:

  • Performance benchmarking (Bright Index)
  • Real-time customer satisfaction measuring (Bright Navigator)
  • Employee engagement (Bright Employee Index)

The results form a platform for participants’ target setting and improvement plans. The end goal is to significantly improve our clients’ competitive edge, at the same time as we improve overall customer and staff satisfaction.



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