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This new two day training workshop  is the opportunity for you to discuss the benefits and implications of different approaches and learn about the critical factors to consider. Incorporating practical case studies from experienced practitioners, you can use this course to help you determine what approach to develop in your own operation and how to improve your quality framework.
Using our Master Class format, this small-group training workshop is interactive and discussion-based, focussing on the specific real-life challenges brought by each participants.  You are asked to bring your own frameworks, to work though the challenges you face in your particular operation and generate action plans that can help you drive further change when you return. The workshop also gives you the chance to broaden your experience by learning form other participants and by engaging with challenges you might otherwise never experience.
Learning from case studies from npower, UK Asset Resolution and others, which have driven significant improvements in customer experience and performance, we look in detail at what characterises a quality framework that drives results, in both front and back office.  With presentations of frameworks from a variety of sectors, the purpose of the master class is to work on our own frameworks, by comparing our approach with those of other participants in the group, as well as those presented.

This programme can also be used as a credit for our new Specialist Certificate in Customer Experience and Quality Analysis in 2013/14, giving pioneers a low-cost fast-track into this new industry qualification
Contact us on 0333 123 59 60 or email events@theforum.social if you want to know more or are interested to reserve a place.  Places are £1,245 + VAT (£200 discount for members).

This is a master class, rather than a formal training class, so the intention is to allow the issues to arise from the real-life challenges that participants face.  There is a lot of interest in this master class following its successful launch in November 2012. We believe nothing like it has been on offer before and almost every organisation is under much stronger pressure in this area.
Some of the questions we will be looking at include:
  • How do we correlate our quality frameworks with our customer satisfaction measures so that we can accurately predict CSAT results from our quality performance and process improvements?
  • How do our frameworks drive improvement in call handling among our agent population?  What different structures drive results in which performance segments?
  • What are the characteristics of framework structures that can work across both front and back office?
  • What do we listen out for in the call that can identify key factors we want to measure - such as compliance, customer satisfaction, brand values etc
  • What difference does technology like speech analytics make to the frameworks we use and how we deploy them in quality monitoring or performance management?
  • How do we bring together learning from our quality monitoring with other customer feedback to drive change within the wider organisation, not just at the individual agent level?
We will look at issues that are sector specific so that we can learn from these different perspectives as well as working on our own frameworks. For example in financial services the new regulations around what can and can’t be targeted is leading people to look afresh that their quality framework and in utilities there are strong pressures from regulators and industry bodies that incentivise a much stronger customer focus.
In many sectors there are strong pressures on sales or cross-sales, but an equal need to take account of customer satisfaction across all types of customer.  Many organisations are also looking to improve customer experience and reduce customer effort by a better focus on understanding why customers are calling and ensuring that we resolve their issues effectively and efficiently - so how  does the successful quality framework reflect and support this business priority?
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