Continuous improvement and the end-to-end customer journey

Lean and continuous improvement methods are supporting massive transformation in many customer contact operations. You can feel the energy that comes from freeing front-line teams to shape the customer journey experience; even the language on the floor is different!

Each year case studies from the  Innovation Awards re-affirm that people can achieve amazing things. Individuals may stand out, but when people bring their experience and insight together truly great things happen. People feel listened to because they see that they can make change happen. In customer operations, Continuous Improvement has the power to release this potential in our colleagues. Last year, Abbie Wynne Jones, Continuous Improvement Project Manager at Home Retail Group, owners of retail brands Argos and Homebase, presented their work at our annual conference. “Each of our ideas has come from a contact advisor” she explains. The CI framework they use  has many features that others will want to emulate. They actively seek out views from front-line teams, as well as using Customer feedback, speech analytics and other sources. An economic model of the benefits and a robust  multi-dimensional prioritisation process ensures there is a single list of all activity. All changes have clear programme management. Progress is visible and well communicated. Excellent documentation makes handover and collaboration much more effective than before. “We are no longer working in siloes”. Crucially CI is part of a wider story. What’s more new approaches are tested and proved in a ‘model office’ with advisors from all brands.

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First published in the 2015 Best Practice Guide Changing gear: rise to the customer challenge.print
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