Performance and Quality – Critical success factors

Huge opportunities for change are being opened up as more organisations benchmark and review how they do performance and quality. For the first time, we publish the results of work with members of three best practice networks who are leading the way in this area. See what drives successful change by learning from real-life experience.  

On a sunny day in Brighton on Tuesday 29th April 2014, as part of our annual conference, members of the Planning Forum’s Customer Experience and Quality community, The P&Q Challenge and the Top 50 companies for customer service came together to discuss what the critical success factors were what drive success in this area.  Organisations who have demonstrated measurable success in these areas shared their insights in what has happened to improve the results in their businesses, it is clear from this and other research we have shared that there are some really common factors that are critical when it comes to developing your work in this area. 

From a list of 20 critical factors, delegates were asked to vote on what was driving current success and which ones they would focus on in the future and the results were:

Top 5 driving current success
Top 5 to address next
1 Engage frontline colleagues
1 Listen to your customers
2 Listen to your customers
2 Emotional Intelligence
3 Continuous Improvement
3 Change business metrics
4 Buy in from stakeholders
4 Engage Frontline Colleagues
5 Leadership and Strategy
5 Knowledge Management
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