The LimeBridge Value Irritant Grid

Detailing one of the themes from the LimeBridge book on reducing customer effort “The Best Service Is No Service”, Peter Massey shows how a simple grid can help you refine your strategy, operational tactics and get buy in from the rest of the business.

"Using [the value irritant grid] to investigate and classify our interactions was a moment of genius".  As you can imagine, we were very pleased to get this feedback from Sage on the use of the value irritant grid.  
It’s great when someone reads a book and gets a breakthrough. Even better when used alongside other tools as part of a wider management ecosystem. It can then provide a sustaining rhythm we call “The Best Service Is No Service” where the benchmark would be a 40% reduction in customer effort over 2 years.
Companies like PPF overall award winners DRL (Appliances Online) took the book and made massive strides using its principles.

I want to show you a really simple way you can start on that journey: engaging people, both inside and beyond the contact centre, with what your customers want.  

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