Understanding channel shift and the use of new media

Different trends in different markets and demographic segments can explain some differences between surveys – but the accelerating channel shift is still clear.

Top trends at a glance

  • The web is used  to interact with a brand more frequently than any other channel, but half of those unable to accomplish a task on the brand website would use the telephone
  • Customers’ journeys across multiple channels are often not easy
  • 60% use five or more channels to interact. Strong growth in smart phone (34%), websites (31%), social networks (30%).
  • 70% of UK contact centres say that phones are still the primary channel, accounting for 78% of inbound contacts, but as a secondary channel email leads
  • Communication preferences are increasingly divergent. 22% are ‘always on’ multiple media. 43% are ‘middle of the road’ or ‘conventional’, but 16% are ‘detached communicators’ who prefer SMS and probably webchat

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First published in the 2013 Best Practice Guide Putting People First.

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