BT Retail Awards Case Study 2013: Making it easy for customers

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Learn how BT's radical new customer effort metric Net Easy has helped increase customer loyalty, deliver efficiency and emphatically engage front line advisors.


The new metric at BT Retail Customer Services is supporting a wider project to make life easy for customers and engaging front-line teams who are involved in redesigning processes end to end. Net Easy is similar to NPS in measuring across all channels and functions vertically, but provides insight which is more easily acted on by operations. Effective analysis has demonstrated how lower customer effort drives advocacy and reduces customer churn and business cost – and changing performance metrics for advisors was a major change in culture. The insight has driven several key customer experience investments and enabled Customer Services at BT to revise their channel strategy.

Site Visit 7th June in Sandwell

9:00 Arrival & Registration
9:30 Session introduction by Professional Planning Forum
9:45 Introductions & Overview of BT Retail Customer Services…who, what when where & why?
10:15 PPF Led Workshop of Customer emotive reporting and management
  • Do we collect customer feedback
  • Is it for US or the customer we do this?
  • What approach to obtaining and using the information
11:30 Break
11:45 Project insight “From Strategy to Action” – Joanna Howard & Kevin Horner
  • Customer Service background & strategic context
  • The Story of Easy: High level results: external and internal data, relationship with other KPIs
  • Q & A
12:30 Site tour
12:50 Lunch
13:30 Discussion with a small group of agents
14:00 Discussion with a small group of first linemanagers and coaches
14:45 Break
15:00 PPF Lead Workshop – From what you have heard, let’s share and develop ideas
16:15 Final Q & A and wrap up
16:30 Depart


  • Research for BT demonstrates that Customer Effort is the No:1 driver of advocacy (NPS)
  • 40% differential in customer churn propensity between ‘difficult’ and ‘easy’ experiences
  • 1% improvement in Net Easy for voice yields £300k savings in repeat call costs
  • Contact centre SLA performance is the single most important driver of Net Easy scores
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