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Putting People First: The 2013 Conference presentations and videos

Please note this is the Agenda for the 2013 Conference - You will find the 2014 Agenda here.

Customer Strategy & Planning took place on 29-30 April 2013. Europe’s No. 1 event of its kind, brought together over 600 individuals, from an exceptional range of job roles and organisations.

The conference presentations and videos can be accessed on the links below. (please note that you will need to have access to YouTube to view the videos). 

Conference Agenda Monday 29th April 2013

Steve Woosey, CEO, demonstrates the power of Putting People First and charts the latest developments on professionalism, with the University of Ulster and Debbie May from our Gold Sponsors NICE. Paul Smedley, Founder & Chair, reveals the marks of a next-generation approach that gets the best from our people and makes us truly fit for the customer’s purpose. View the slides for Putting People First and Debbie May. Watch the videos.

Case Studies: Learn from specialist global operations Skills models at Concentrix raised productivity 18%. The STEP programme at White Concierge improved quality 25% & AHT 47%.

View the Concentrix slides and video

View the White Concierge video and Q&A

Case Studies: Flexibility for people & business
NHS Direct created 7 radical flexibility options with union support. Sensée developed a fully team buiding environment for homeworking.

View the slides

Case Studies: Discover Enterprise Planning
ADT transformed the role of customer service & centralised field planning. BT realised savings of  £20m with optimisation of field service operations.

View the slides , ADT video and the BT Field video

Workshop: Engaging the Operation
Discover  what’s  changed the way support functions like planning & quality are perceived, moving to the
hub of the operation. Talk with our panel of experts.

View the videos and slides.
Workshop: Analytics – Hearing the Customer
Understand how speech and other forms of analytics can give the customer a voice in transforming the business – using direct, indirect and inferred feedback.

Watch the videos and slides

Martin Hill Wilson
shares the results of the latest best practice research on Performance & Quality. What is best practice in addressing the big issues we face in customer service management?

View the slides and video

How good is your planning function? Hear what our Business Accreditation pioneers gained from the experience.

View the slides and video

Field Planning
Meet others planning for Field Service operations to understand what best practice looks like in this area of planning.   Talk further with key stakeholders from ADT and BT after
their case studies in the morning and meet the new Field  Networking  Group.

View the slides

Case Studies
Learn from success in Analytics. Comcast’s VP for Analytics shares powerful experience from the US by live video link. Joined-up analytics at Experian raised customer retention 22%.

View the slides

View the Comcast Video and Experian Video
Case Studies: Successful planning
A new operating model for Real Time at EE reinvested over £1.2m of ‘dead time’. A new Web Centre at Avios developed the use of web chat and multi-media.

View the EE Video and Avios Video

Workshop: The Quality Framework
A chance for quality managers – and others wanting to put the customer at the heart of QA – to learn from the latest ideas and chart a new way forward.

View the slides and videos

Workshop: Forecasting
Specialist workshop for forecasting analysts. Understand the causes of demand by breaking data into understandable components.

View the slides

Workshop: Planning for the Back Office
Hear from industry practitioners & previous innovation finalists. Join round-table discussions.  Help shape the new standards for what good looks like.  

View the slides and  videos

EndNote: Professionalism
Discover much more about Accreditation & Qualifications, with Steve Woosey, University of Ulster and members active in our hottest programmes.

View the slides and videos
EndNote: The Customer Experience Future
Peter Massey & Bill Price share vital learning from Bill’s latest book, delivering old dreams in the new world.

View the slides and the video.

EndNote: Planning for the Back Office and Beyond 
Top speaker pulls out the vital issues for a customer-focussed back office – Andy Marsh, Managing Director at Suiko.

View the slides


Conference Agenda Tuesday 30th April 2013

Keynote: Are we fit for the customer’s purpose? An exceptional opportunity to gain practical insights from top business leaders who include Dwain McDonald, Chief Executive Officer at GeoPost UK (DPD) and Charles Breslin,General Manager, British Gas.

View the slides

Daniel Pink shares the surprising truth about what motivates us: View the video

Keynote: How do we create a climate of customer focus for our people?   Be inspired by Sophie Patrikios, Senior Director Consumer Services at LEGO & Colin Whelan, Head of Professionalism at the Planning Forum.

View the slides, the video of Colin's Presentation
and the video of Sophie's presentation

Daniel Pink shares the surprising truth about what motivates us: View the video
Keynote: Putting the customer at the heart of outbound
A thought-provoking start with Matt Chapman from OFCOM and Stewart Cox, Head of Operations from Apex Credit Management.

View the slides

Daniel Pink shares the surprising truth about what motivates us: View the video

Case Studies: Customer focus 
How Charles Tyrwhitt keep 70% customer loyalty & why 91% say it’s a fun place to work. How Motability Operations support advisors in taking responsibility for their own development.
  1. Motability Operations  video
  2. Q&A
Case Studies: Flexibility
Using an astonishing range of flexibility tools, Carnival UK radically improved results.  A major new shift strategy at Direct Line means 90% of people have flexibility.

View the Direct Line Video
Workshop: The Outbound Forum
Round Table discussions on planning for collections or sales/service – plus your chance to ask questions of our expert panel. This picks up themes from the outbound keynote.

View the slides.
Workshop: Managing the Planning Team
Discuss metrics and performance management approaches for planning teams that can encourage excellence. Talk with our panel of experts.

View the slides and video
Workshop: Creating a climate of customer focus 
Follow the opening keynote in a discussion that brings operational and customer experience leaders together with analysts. Discuss the role of effective targeting, innovative metrics and how information is created, displayed and used.

View the slides and videos.

Keynote: Prof Moira Clark at the Henley Business School shares research from work with regulators and on the customer effort score.

View the slides and video

Qualifications: The University of Ulster reveal details of the newest developments and successful students talk about the first programmes.

View the slides

Case Studies: Customer Experience
See how NetEasy, a customer-effort metric at BT Retail, is making life easier for customers - and how value arises from moments of connection with a customer at Lebara Mobile.

View the BT Retail slides and video

View the Lebara video

Case Studies: Customer contact transformation
Caerphilly Council  virtualised call handling, increasing face-to-face service. At HMRC, errors dropped 43% through Lean engagement.
Workshop: The Outbound Forum
See Concentrix on how using social media has prepared better dialler lists and Yorkshire Building Society on new working practices.
The Unconference: Stop Doing Dumb Things 
Join Peter Massey of Budd, for the ‘Unconference’. If you've never experienced this format, you're in for a treat. It has different rules, different formats and a different result. Broadly the agenda is engagement but it flows where you take it.

Workshop: Flexibility for people and the business 
Steve Woosey shares insights from his new book and the award finalists, looking at how we create sustainable ways of working.

View the slides and videos

Conference Endnote Two passionate speakers share ideas that round off this year’s conference. Nick Lane, (video) Director of Planning at EE, sets out the opportunities for planning, quality and analysis teams to dig deeper in supporting lasting performance improvements by putting people first. Simon Roncoroni (video) explores next-generation approaches and reveals what Customer 3.0 can mean for Putting People First.

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