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Previous Conferences

Our hugely popular conference has been a key part of the contact centre industry’s calendar for over seven years. Pulling together 600 people from all industry sectors, the rich agenda covers all four of our communities of best practice: Professional Planning Forum, Quality & Customer Experience Forum, Data, Analytics & Insight Forum and Strategy & Leadership Forum.

Each year we select a theme, which sets us and our members a call to action and guides the year’s best practice programme. Previous year’s themes have been:  Raising the Bar (2006), Fit for Success (2007), Taking the customer angle (2008), Delivering  the customer journey (2009), Passionate about performance (2010), Expanding Horizons (2011), Planning for Peak Performance (2012), Putting People First (2013), Bridging the gap (2014), Changing Gear: Rise to the Customer Challenge (2015), Breakthrough Performance: further, faster, together (2016) and Breakthrough: Releasing Potential (2017).

Key to the success of our conference is the chance to hear real, insightful experiences, with a multitude of case studies, great speakers from industry leaders in every sector and facilitated discussion built into every forum. Success does not happen only by accident; planning for high performance means that to be the best we must look at how we learn from others in order to take our own operations to the next level. 
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