Telefocus Awards Case Study 2011: Fully-blended outbound campaigns

See how scalable, future-proofed contact management software has moved Telefocus in to a fully-blended operation for inbound and outbound calls, raising agent productivity 8.6% and reducing operating costs.

Introduction of more efficient progressive dialling at Telefocus, together with increased visibility and consistency across campaigns, has enabled the outsourcer to achieve the same contact rates with 40% fewer dials.  Campaign development times have been slashed and call quality has risen thanks to the presence of intelligent call recording, which has increased quality monitoring volumes by 50%.  Rigorous tendering and a systematic roll-out were critical steps in success and there have been major people benefits from increased job variety.  Together, these improvements have helped reduce Telefocus’ cost per active agent hour by at least 8.6%.

Key results include:

  • Cost per agent hour down 8.6%
  • Achieving the same contact rates from 40% less dials
  • 50% increase in call quality monitoring, with no extra resource required
  • Campaign set-up time down by two-thirds
  • Average in-bound call queue length down from 39 to 10 secs
  • Absenteeism down 14.5 %

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